Providing State of the Art solutions for Home Surveillance.

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Integrated Surveillance and Lighting Systems offer the best in home safety and peace of mind.

Let us show you some ways to reduce common anxieties and improve your sense of control.

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  • Know when they’re coming: A driveway sensor can be installed that will make a chime sound when a vehicle enters your driveway. You will not believe how much you will love this.
  • See who’s there:Security cameras can be placed in strategic spots inside and outside of your home which you can view on displays in your home, or on your iPhone 3,000 miles away.Hex View Of Surveillance Cameras
  • Turn on the lights: Never come into a dark house again. And if you wake to a thump in the night, turn on all the lights from your bedside or anywhere to see what is happening. Let us show you how this works.
  • Keep an eye on things: Want to know if the boiler is running? How about your electricity usage? Did you lock the door and turn down the heat when you left? We can give you a personal dashboard to monitor key systems in your home. You can even get emails when there is a problem.
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