Sim2, an industry leader in Projector design and manufacturing, is earning a lot of attention for the launch of their newest statement projector, Fuoriserie. Andrew Robinson, writer, director and managing editor of Home Theater Review. says it best in his blog post titled Flashes of Brilliance: “Without belaboring the point the Fuoriserie is expensive and… Read More

I want to shed light on a question which integrators are routinely asked by customers as the A/V system is being designed and specified. “Can’t we just buy our own TV?” It is a valid question. After all, TV’s are a commodity item and a familiar component on the potentially mysterious list of materials required for… Read More

Please enjoy this guest blog from our favorite interior designer, Randy Trainor.  Visit her at  She provides so much wonderful information through her website, blog and newsletter.  Be sure to sign up, shes worth the click! Many of my clients are making the switch from their old TV’s to the new flat screen televisions. … Read More