Enjoy Outdoor Entertainment in the Seacoast with DC Home Systems

Add Speakers to Your Backyard for Spring and Summer Fun Now that Easter has sprung us into a warmer season, it’s time to start planning outdoor renovations for some fun. Bring out the lemonade, put on some sandals, and blast summer tunes by the pool. DC Home Systems is poised to help you get ready for outdoor activities with some expert recommendations and tips. Here are some of our best ideas on how to equip your patio with outdoor entertainment in the Seacoast, like Rye, New Castle, and North Hampton. […]

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Seura Storm-Outdoor TV!

Seura has done it again with another innovative TV application. This one is for outdoor viewing. Now this sounds like a great way to stay tuned in. "Meet Storm, the perfect partner for behind the tiki bar to watch the championship during your picnic. Storm is a beautiful complement to that focal point outdoor fireplace. Play with the kids in the pool while catching up on today’s headlines. Soak up the sun while enjoying your favorite flick. Don’t miss a moment of the big game while tending the grill. Storm is expertly engineered to protect against harsh [...]

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