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Your smart home system is ready to go!

All the systems of your smart home work simply together with integrated controls

Smart home automation systems give you complete control of your comfort, entertainment, safety,  and ambiance.

From one device programmed to your lifestyle, you can control all of your smart home systems with the simple touch of a button

Here are some features you will love:

  • Adjust  your lights, temperature  and security with ease from a mobile app  from any place in your home , from work, the train or where ever you may be.
  • Rest assured knowing that your exterior lights shut off on schedule, lights are out in vacant rooms, shades, blinds and drapes are positioned just where you want them for any time of day or night.
  • The aesthetic simplicity of one wall mounted device to combine your thermostat, light switch, security keypad and music control onto one device that is really easy and convenient to use.
  • Never worry that you left lights on, forgot to close the shades, left the door unlocked or the security system unarmed.  It is all at your finger tips.
  • Enjoy the comfort and security of arriving to a warm house and a pathway that lights your entrance on arrival.
  • Check in on your surveillance cameras from your desk at work or your blanket on the beach.