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In 1995 with the advent of THX and surround sound came a rapidly growing demand for ‘home theater’. Nick, a life long A/V enthusiast, saw exciting potential in the emerging home automation industry. Soon, he was designing and installing nationally recognized home cinema experiences complete with high end projection, immersive audio, motorized drop down screens and tiered theater seating. DC Home Systems has won 2 CEDIA National Awards and the CEDIA Global award for Best Home Cinema.

Professional grade home automation technologies have advanced well beyond home theater since 1995 and the team’s expertise keeps pace with all of the latest life enhancing automation options and solutions. Nick has built a highly skilled, dedicated, customer centric team reflecting the priority he places on reputation, integrity and professionalism. And that is how DC Home Systems has built trusting relationships with customers, architects, designers and builders throughout the region.

Just a note to Thank you and your team.  We are finally done with our install!  Everyone was very nice through this project… We are happy and if you ever need a recommendation we are eager to be that for DC Home Systems.  You have some of the best people working for your company.

Jack & Debbie, Valued Customer, Boston, MA

DC Homes has been an integral part of our team as we’ve built our family’s dream home. Their expertise is evident in every part of our property from user-friendly audio-visual controls, to a cinema that creates an experience so extraordinary that it defies description, to lighting installation and control.

Sharon, Valued Customer, Camden, ME

For years, DeStefano Architects has relied on DC Home Systems to incorporate systems in countless residential projects. DC Home Systems excels at servicing their client’s specific needs and is whole-heartedly committed from design inception through system implementation.

Lisa DeStefano, Founder and Principal Architect, DeStefano Architects

My sincerest thanks again for the work on our lighting project.  I know I said it about a hundred times this morning, but you have my gratitude.

Nick, Valued Customer, Wellesley, MA


All the conveniences described here comprise a single integrated system. You can control any function in any room whether you are home or away. Your preferences can be controlled using  1 app on your mobile device, keypads, touch panel or a smart remote control. This approach allows a single, consistent and easy to use solution for controlling music, TV’s, lights and shades, climate, surveillance and entry locks and can even automatically turn on/ off or adjust according to your preferences and schedule.


Gather your friends and family and enjoy the impressive experience of a dedicated home cinema designed by the award winning team at DC Home Systems. Select from your library of favorite videos, streaming movies, sports, concerts, news or life like gaming. You’ll be captivated by the clarity of 4K video, enveloped in Dolby Atmos audio while sinking into spacious, adjustable seating to complete your cinema experience.

Perhaps you prefer your entertainment in a media room, living room, patio and/or your cozy bedroom. To preserve the aesthetic of your home, we provide options to conceal your TV behind a wide selection of scroll up art or in a custom cabinet with a motorized lift. Video displays of all sizes are mounted on low profile, pull out, articulating, tilt wall mounts.  The A/V clutter is eliminated by providing single remote control, in wall wiring, and the devices like cable boxes, AppleTVs, amplifiers and receivers  that provide distributed audio and video are connected and assembled in an equipment rack located in a closet or mech room.


Music is  the universal language elevating our mood, bringing us together, inspiring creativity,  and creating the ambiance of your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Everyone loves the ease and versatility of Sonos so we take your music experience, whether Sonos or another system to the next level. The only audio gear you will will see are your speakers, and even those are well concealed in your ceilings or walls. Distributed music allows everyone in your family to to separately control their music source and volume. You choose a higher volume for the party on the patio while the volume is lower for the conversations in the living room. You can enjoy the classic piano station in your den while your teenager is cranking hip hop in her bedroom.

The best part is, you control your music source ,volume and on/off, by group or individual room from the same app that allows you to turn on your TV, start your movie, turn down the lights and lower the shades. You’ll only have to leave your cozy seat to grab a bowl of ice cream.


Intelligent lighting ensures the light of your life, both interior and exterior, is automated to align with your aesthetic, daily schedule, activity and the season. Whether you are just arriving home, cooking, watching TV, entertaining or out of town, your precise lighting and dimming preference is at your fingertips. Energy efficiency and safety are optimized through occupancy settings, lighting schedules. Whether you are home or away,  you can adjust your lighting from the same app you use to monitor your cameras, lock or unlock your doors or adjust the thermostat.

Create presets and schedules that work with your life.  Perhaps you would like landscape lights to come on at dusk and off at dawn, all house lights to turn off and all doors lock at midnight, lights in the kitchen and dining room to dim to 50% at dinner time, turn off the light you forgot in the kids room from your bedside…


Our motorized shading systems allow you to automate, monitor and control the light and privacy of your home. You can raise and lower your shades with the same app you use to turn on lights, and turn up the heat. Automate a schedule to raise and lower your shades to minimize the sun at peak times to protect your flooring, carpets and upholstery and keep your home cool. Automated schedules can close your drapes in the evening for warmth and privacy and start your day with the sunshine as your drapes and shades automatically open at sunrise.

When you are home, you can override the automations from either a touch panel, app, or keypad. When you are away from home, you can control your drapes and shades from the same app that controls your thermostat, lighting and surveillance cameras.


The ability to access surveillance camera feeds, control the thermostat, receive smoke alerts and provide remote entry are increasingly popular.  Our integrated solutions provide advantages over popular consumer grade devices. For example, even when your internet is down, our surveillance systems continue to record activity but consumer grade surveillance is stored in the cloud so recording activity depends on the internet. Your safety is enhanced with our total door and gate entry systems with options such as video and intercom from your app or touch panel.

Your security, surveillance, thermostats and entry systems can be integrated with your other home technologies so you can control these features from your touch panel, keypad or  a single app inside the home. To control systems remotely, rather than juggling multiple apps , you can use the same single app to control and access your surveillance, safety, climate and all of your other integrated home systems.

We can program and automate your temperature set point based on the time of day and season, increase your safety and efficiency through lighting automations based on occupancy or enable you to initiate a programmed safety sequence which turns on indoor and outdoor lights, unlocks doors and disarms your alarm system with one tap.


Every home owner expects wired services such as electricity, telephone, and internet. But we now consider high speed WiFi coverage throughout your home and outside living spaces an essential service. Our professionally installed wiring infrastructure throughout your home is the foundation supporting secure, robust and fast WiFi connectivity.

The fun stuff: Streaming devices and services that bring you the entertainment of multiple music sources, movies and TV shows, on-line gaming, connecting with your tribe on social, WiFi phone service and even the apps available on your smart TV or streaming devices like AppleTV and Roku that can cut your ties to cable TV.

The productivity stuff: For students or professionals, a secure network and Wifi coverage is essential to supporting your ability to work from home as productively and more conveniently than commuting to the office or classroom. Your performance depends on remote, face-to-face video communication with your team and customers, secure access to your files and web based tools via VPN or the Cloud.

The home technology stuff: Whether you are in your home or away from home, newer technologies provide you with the ability to access and control home systems like surveillance cameras, door locks, heat and A/C, lighting and shades from a single app on your smart device.

The beauty of a smart home system is in what you can’t see.

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At DC Home Systems, our mission is to add value to your home and lifestyle by providing professionally installed technologies that elevate your comfort, convenience, security and entertainment experience.

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DC Home Systems has won numerous awards for our engineering and installations. We are extremely proud of our most recent awards:
CEDIA, the international trade association for 3,700 professional home technology companies presented DC Home Systems with the Global Award for Best Home Cinema, the National award for Best Special Project and Best Home Cinema.
Crestron, the largest supplier of home automation control products, recognized DC Home Systems as a Platinum Elite Dealer and presented us with the Home Technology Award for Best Design & Engineering.

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DC Home Systems is an award winning team. We are client advisors, system designers, programmers and installation technicians. We specialize in providing professional grade integrated home automation systems.

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