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DC Home Systems is an award winning team. We are client advisors, system designers, programmers and installation technicians. We specialize in providing professional grade integrated home automation systems.


At DC Home Systems, our mission is to add value to your home and lifestyle by providing professionally installed technologies that elevate your comfort, convenience, security and entertainment experience.


The photos of the beautiful homes we’ve worked in, are really a reflection of the talented architects, custom builders and passionate designers we are associated with. You’ll have to look pretty hard to find any evidence of our work. We prioritize providing robust technology that honors the aesthetics of your home. After all, who really wants to see equipment,devices and wiresin their home – or in photos.

Honestly, a photo of a big, beautiful wall mounted TV doesn’t communicate the depth of our expertise. We take your technology to an entirely new level.

Can We Answer Any Questions?

Working with Nick Mark and his team at DC Homes has truly been a pleasure. Nick has assembled a team who are not only top-flight professionals with great depth and breadth of talent but are also genuinely nice people.

Robert, Valued Customer, Duxbury, MA

DC Homes has been an integral part of our team as we’ve built our family’s dream home. Their expertise is evident in every part of our property from user-friendly audio-visual controls, to a cinema that creates an experience so extraordinary that it defies description, to lighting installation and control.

Sharon, Valued Customer, Camden, ME

For years, DeStefano Architects has relied on DC Home Systems to incorporate systems in countless residential projects. DC Home Systems excels at servicing their client’s specific needs and is whole-heartedly committed from design inception through system implementation.

Lisa DeStefano, Founder and Principal Architect, DeStefano Architects

My sincerest thanks again for the work on our lighting project.  I know I said it about a hundred times this morning, but you have my gratitude.

Nick, Valued Customer, Wellesley, MA


Whether you are looking for the full cinema experience of our award winning dedicated home theater or just fun, relaxing or informative time with everyday TV in your living room, we can expertly design and install your audio and video entertainment solution.

First and foremost, you can abandon the confusion of multiple remotes and control your video system with one simple, intuitive device.

You can enjoy excellent picture quality, optimized audio and simple control without the clutter of devices or visible wires. Our technicians take care of the installation, set up, connections, wiring, calibration, and automation so you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

We provide aesthetically pleasing options for concealing your TV display including moving art, mirror televisions, custom cabinets with a motorized lift and versatile wall mount and tilt brackets.

We are experts in the full range of audio video entertainment experiences.

Our award-winning custom home theaters and media rooms feature structured seating, acoustically correct construction and treatments, high-end video projection and superb sound quality.


Music is  the universal language elevating our mood, bringing us together, inspiring creativity,  and creating the desired the ambiance of our indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Distributed music with allows everyone in the family to enjoy their favorite music stream. Volume levels can be adjusted by zone as well, louder for the party on the patio, lower for the conversationalist in the living room.

We provide an integrated audio system which controls, amplifies and distributes the audio for your video systems as well as your music system.  We will help you make choices that fit your needs and lifestyle.


Intelligent lighting ensures the light of your life, both interior and exterior, is tailored, even automated, to align with your aesthetic, daily schedule, activity and the season. Whether you are just arriving home, cooking, watching TV, entertaining or out of town, your precise lighting and dimming preference is your fingertips. Energy efficiency is optimized through occupancy settings, lighting schedules and away from home access with your app.  The advantage of integrated controls is demonstrated by the ability to marry your light control and security devices for optimized safety, comfort and efficiency. For instance, the “all off” function turns off all primary lighting, closes the shades and locks all doors either at a programmed time, through a keypad at your bedside or with your app from home or away.


Lighting control can be easily retrofitted into the home by replacing dimmers/switches with “smart” equivalents. Doing this would allow more simplified control of rooms and the entire home. Instead of fiddling with switches when you enter for example, a button labelled “Home” could turn on all or favorite lights a to a comfortable preset level. When you are ready to go to sleep, a “Goodnight” button at your bedside could turn off all lights in the home while keeping some of the hallway lights at a very low level as a nightlight effect.


Every home owner expects wired services such as electricity, telephone, and internet. But we now consider high speed WiFi coverage throughout your home and outside living spaces an essential service. Our professionally installed wiring infrastructure throughout your home is the foundation supporting secure, robust and fast WiFi connectivity.

The fun stuff: Streaming devices and services that bring you the entertainment of multiple music sources, movies and TV shows, on-line gaming, connecting with your tribe on social, WiFi phone service and even the apps available on your smart TV or streaming devices like AppleTV and Roku that can cut your ties to cable TV.

The productivity stuff: For students or professionals, a secure network and Wifi coverage is essential to supporting your ability to work from home as productively and more conveniently than commuting to the office or classroom. Your performance depends on remote, face-to-face video communication with your team and customers, secure access to your files and web based tools via VPN or the Cloud.

The home technology stuff: Whether you are in your home or away from home, newer technologies provide you with the ability to access and control home systems like surveillance cameras, door locks, heat and A/C, lighting and shades from a single app on your smart device.

The wiring plan for the home technologies is designed and installed early in the construction process. The types and locations of all wiring are thoroughly documented and easily accessed to allow seamless installation of the technologies you choose during the consultation and contracting process and are ready to install without tearing walls apart

All the wiring infrastructure is “homerun” back to a equipment rack in the utility room or basement to minimize visible wires and maintain the clean aesthetic of your living space.

While in our facility, the devices in the equipment rack are assembled, tested and programmed prior to delivery and hookup. This eliminates onsite mess, minimizes troubleshooting and installation time.

The Wiring Plan


Next Steps

The possibilities for incorporating exciting technologies into your home are available to you on demand.

Meet with your local Client Advisor who will consult with you, answer your questions and help you decide what technologies best suit you and your lifestyle. We use a friendly, no pressure approach to expose you to ideas with the goal of making sure you make educated choices about the best technologies for your home.

Please give us a call:  1-800-649-3228 or contact using the form below.

The beauty of a smart home system is in what you can’t see.

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