How Multi-room Audio Can Enhance Your North Shore, MA Home


If you live in the North Shore area, like Newburyport or Manchester-by-the-Sea, and love music then you’ll definitely benefit from a whole house music installation. There are many brands and systems on the market, but we are here to be your expert guide and showcase the best products available. Whether you want to only create a dedicated listening room or distribute audio throughout your entire property—even outside—DC Home Systems has a smart solution for you.

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Read on to discover the top 3 features you need for a rockin’ whole house music system.

An Expansive Distribution System

Your wireless music streaming system should allow you to easily play music throughout your home from any smartphone or tablet and quickly access music services like Spotify, local broadcast radio, and music on local storage devices such as a PC or laptop. With audio distribution, you can be the DJ, easily sharing the music stored on your personal devices, as well as Internet radio stations or podcasts, anywhere in the home.

By placing speakers in special areas, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite artists without disturbing your roommate or your neighbors. We help accomplish this by establishing different zones of music so you can send the songs exactly where you want them.

A Robust & Reliable Network

If you want to stream music in every room in your residence, a reliable Internet connection is essential. The kids streaming Pandora outside shouldn’t interrupt Grandma watching Netflix in the other room, and your system should be able to play music from different sources with ease. To stream songs from different stations and devices throughout your home–like Pandora, XM Radio, and Spotify–then a wired or wireless network upgrade may be in order. If you are in the North Shore, MA area, DC Home Systems has you covered. We can set up a reliable and robust network for you that will be the foundation for your wireless music system, as well as all of your smart home controls and functions.

An Easy-to-use Interface

The ultimate audio system should be easy to operate for everyone in the family and even for invited guests. If you have a family of four, each member should be able to select their own personal library or access a streaming service from any room in the home, without any hassle. Your multi-room system can incorporate various speaker configurations from surround sound in the media room to in-wall speakers in the bedroom. We will consider your system’s specific requirements and present you with a proposal that uniquely suits your needs.

If you want us to install these must-haves in your home call us at 800-649-3228 or contact us online! We’d love to set up a brand new music system for you so you can enjoy your favorite tunes in every space of your home.