Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Tahiti, thanks to Peter Lazarus, our manufacturer’s rep for Sim2 projectors.  We enjoyed watching Ultimate Wave Tahiti as Peter demonstrated the latest Sim2 innovation, the LUMIS 3D-SOLO projector.  The experience was superior to any 3D I have watched in commercial theaters.  Peter says, “Anyone who is luke warm on 3D, has not experienced this 3D.”  We all concur.  Sim2’s achievement of a number of engineering goals has resulted in a truly immersive viewing experience.    The real beauty lies in the production of a constant, life like depth of field versus the occasional “pop out” effects. 

This projector, designed for home use in theaters, game rooms and media rooms, features three user modes: 

1. PureMovie. This mode uses DynamicBlack technology to deliver images with the highest contrast ratio and deepest black level. Recommended for movie watching in 2D.

2. PureMotion: Fast-action sports viewing benefits from smooth motion, free from the ‘smear’ and ‘judder’ that can affect image quality.

3. PureMotion 3D: The demands of 3D are such that careful processing must be carried out to ensure artifact-free images are created on-screen. This mode is used when the LUMIS 3D SOLO is being used to view 3D material.

So this is not only the best 3D projector available, it is simply the best projector for all media viewing. 
Download this PDF for more product specifications and… enjoy this (2D) trailer for The Ultimate Wave Tahiti!