3D is here, not only in theaters but available for in home enjoyment as well.  In the coming months you will see a sharp rise in the deployment of 3D technology to in consumers. 

The major TV manufacturers have all released High Definition 3D television in Plasma, LED and LCD models.  The pricing is comparable to similar 2D models. 

Don’t worry; you are not relegated to a life of watching your video display with silly glasses strapped to your face.  You can still watch your movies and favorite TV shows in 2D on these new displays.  But when you want to take on the full impact of 3D HDTV (I know, that’s a lot of acronyms…) you will need a 3D blu-ray player and a pair of those stylin’ shades.  The new disc players are backward compatible and will still play your old disc in 2D, but some of the 3D TV models will convert your 2D disc content to 3D with the push of a button. 

If your desire is to build or convert a dedicated home theater, there are beautiful new 3D projector lines in wide range of price points. 

Broadcasters are also quickly jumping on board and you will see quite an increase in the 3D content available on cable and satellite stations.  ESPN leads the charge with the broadcast of the World Cup opening game in 3D. The X-games and some baseball will continue through the summer and basketball is scheduled for the fall. 

Gamers are not being left behind (writes the parent of two boys, with a sigh).  Manufacturers will provide a great variety of gaming systems and content to capitalize on demand for 3D.  Your kids need never play outside again…