One of my favorite jobs with DC Home Systems is working in the fabrication area. We have a large area in our warehouse where we build and test systems. This typically means unboxing all the equipment for a job and assembling it into a working system that represents the final install. This often requires fabrication such as cutting a TV mount to fit the TV correctly, or assembling some scrap iron into a bracket to hold a speaker.

This can also mean fabricating our work area. Today, project engineer Glen was mounting a TV to the wall for testing. The bummer was the fact that we had a counter in the way that always made it tough to temporarilly hang TV’s. We’ve talked before about cutting out the chunk that is in the way, but today I looked over at A.J., our new installer, and gave him the nod.  

For the next 20 minutes sawzalls roared and screwguns whined. We ended up with a 6′ chunk of counter to find a home for and easy access to the mounting point. In our daily worklife we often “deal” with annoyances and minor roadblocks that we have learned to work around. It’s like a scratch on the roof of your mouth you can’t stop messing with. Finally tackling an irritation gives great relief. It doesn’t change the world, but often comes with the fun of working with power tools.