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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Whole House Music System

  In our last blog on whole house audio we covered exactly what you need to enjoy music in your smart home-a control system, a strong network, and an easy-to-use interface. This time around we’ll expand on the different ways you can listen to music in your Southern Maine home with a whole house music system. Continue reading to find out. SEE ALSO: 3 Must-haves of a Whole House Music System Purchase a Dolby Atmos-enabled Sound System for Your Home Theater There is nothing like experiencing your favorite movie with incredible sound. Sure you could use your [...]

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Good Sound

When I grew up, my Dad would spend time testing and researching new speakers or a receiver for his stereo. For him it was important to have nice sound in the living room. Back then we used a turntable and my Dad had some great albums. He had classical, jazz and then some pop favorites of the day including the Fleetwod Mac Rumors album. On occasion, I would sit with my Mom and Dad and just listen to the music. And during family gatherings or parties, the music was always going and sounded great. Fast forward (no [...]

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Tech Trends for 2013

As an electronics professional, I am regularly asked what the latest trends are. It’s never easy determining which of the trends is really going to make it and which are just eye-candy that will fall away with time. We are always careful in our business to separate “leading edge” from “bleeding edge”. The former is usually more stable and suitable for installation while the latter is typically fraught with our clients doing free beta testing for the manufacturer. Below are my thoughts on trends for the next year with my personal verdict on whether it is leading [...]

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The Convenience of Modern Technology

The explosion of technologies and internet connectivity is creating a dizzying number of choices for everyone. Some see this as an amazing opportunity while others feel overwhelmed and don’t know where (or if) they should start. Consider for example that: • CD’s and AM/FM radio have been replaced with streaming media from Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. . • You no longer need a drawer or closet for your media because it stays in this new thing we call “the cloud”. • Thermostats are now controllable through the web. • Surveillance cameras can be seen on your mobile [...]

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Tablet or Dedicated Touch Panel – That is the Question

Can an inexpensive iPad or mobile device app replace the need for a more expensive ‘purpose built’ control interface for your automated home systems. Great question, and the answer is, “Absolutely –your tablet or smart phone will work wonderfully-in most situations…” Tablets, like the iPad, or mobile phones are an excellent and cost effective tool for getting system controls for much less money than a purpose built device like the Crestron wireless touchpanel or handheld WiFi touchpanel. You can do everything on a tablet that a purpose built device can do. Control music, lights, heat and even [...]

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The Cobbler Has New Shoes

For the last 20 years I have walked around barefoot in my electronic home. All of my “stuff” has been a mishmash of older components strung together with left over patch cables and power strips. Quite a sight to behold for the home of an electronics “professional”.

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A New Hampshire Home

  It can be difficult to communicate the scope of the work that we do, but this article tells a big part of the story.  There were a number of exceptional houses featured in the current issue of New Hampshire Home Magazine.  We are thrilled that this particular home was included.  We loved being part of such an innovative design and construction project.  It is always a pleasure working with the brilliant architect, Lisa DeStefano and kitchen designer, Scott Purswell of Dovetailed Kitchens and of course the very gracious and creative homeowner.  Congratulations to everyone who was [...]

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Ultra thin LCR bar for your flat panel tv

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