Automated Home Systems make your home smarter and your life more simple and more fun!

automated home systems home theaterAutomated home systems can mean a simple adjustment to your home’s lighting or the implementation of a whole-house automated system. Understanding how it all works can be challenging, but Nicholas Mark, the owner of DC Home Systems, with offices in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Pembroke Massachusetts and Portland Maine, is an expert in both automated home systems and explaining how to use them. “Technology should enhance your life,” he says.

Putting the pieces together. Mark has been figuring out how things work and how they go together since childhood. “I’d take apart clocks, radios and stereos as a kid,” he says. “About half the time I’d be successful in putting them back together.” After getting a degree in physics and doing corporate-based work, he decided to change directions in the early 1990s.

TV in mirrorRecent advancements

No matter what type of system you want, ensuring that you can add to it in the future is a must, Mark says. He points out the good news that this is becoming far easier as newer components and systems are developed. “There have been dramatic changes in the past 10 years,” he says. “Previously you had to draw on various manufacturers and hope it all worked.”

Want a smarter home? Below, Mark offers a few ideas.

1. Customize Your Lighting

Being able to easily create the mood you want in any room — whether it’s task lighting when preparing meals or a softer glow when enjoying after-dinner conversation — goes a long way toward making your home a relaxing and comfortable place to be.

The owners of this “playhouse,” designed for fun and relaxation at a family’s lakeside compound in Meredith, asked for lighting that could be easily changed depending on the activities. Mark’s team installed a keypad system with basic controls for high, medium and low lights. Rather than a one-size-fits-all version, “the homeowners define what they mean by those light levels and we tweak them,” he says. Now the clients have the lighting they need for spirited game nights or quiet evenings by the fire.Playhouse Automated Home Systems

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2. Automate Your Window Shades

Motorized shades are a great choice, especially if you have a large number of windows to cover. Customizing them with the right type of fabric will give you the exact balance of light and privacy you want.home automation lighting control

The owner of this Boston condominium loved the bay views, but she wanted to filter the light coming in the west-facing windows and have some privacy at night. Mark’s team installed motorized shades with a fabric that fit all of her needs. “You can still see some silhouettes, but nobody can see in,” he says. They also automated her lighting, audio, video, surveillance and climate control.

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3. Add Speakers for More Music

If your goal is to have music in every room, the solution is whole house audiohaving enough speakers strategically placed. “It’s always better to have more average speakers than to have one or two high-quality speakers,” Mark says.

When building their home on the New Hampshire Seacoast, the clients emphasized the importance of music in the whole house, but they didn’t want it to be the only thing you noticed. “They wanted it to be fun and comfortable at low levels,” Mark says. They added speakers throughout the home — including ceiling speakers in the kitchen, seen here — spacing them to fill each room with sound but not overwhelming any one space.

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For more information on Nicholas Mark and examples of the work of his professional team, visit DC Home Systems’ Houzz profile.

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