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Balancing Technology and Tranquility

I wrote this article for a magazine last summer. Based on the feedback I received, readers found this article helpful in visualizing how the latest technology can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated into the most classic home decor.

I’m usually the partner that is in the office, creating a website, calling on architects or trying to unravel the mystery of social media in an effort to spread awareness of our ever expanding technological offerings.  Sadly, I don’t often see the end result of the hours of design, engineering, programming and installation performed by our talented crew. So, on a recent (and rare) sunny day I took the opportunity to visit a residential lake side project that we are bringing to completion.  And despite the fact that I now have lake envy, I am thrilled on many levels that I took the time to see this marvelous home and the brilliant work of our team.

Imagine 15,000 square feet of lake side living, unobtrusively nestled in the moss and ferns and barely noticeable to the passing kayak. Despite the size, the home is nostalgic and inviting, like a child hood summer camp, complete with a soaring stone fireplace, 10 foot dining hall table, even boys and girls bunk ‘houses’.  And, proudly, our team played a significant role creating this feeling of comfort while preserving the wistful charm. 

These gracious clients invested many dollars in the technology of comfort, convenience, functionality and entertainment and entrusted us to keep it all out of site. Every bedroom has a flat panel TV hidden behind the doors of a cabinet designed to support and hide all of the wiring and peripheral components.  Every room offers multiple sources of music and volume control easily accessed from a low profile touch panel control, not a wire in sight. The reclaimed chestnut rafters, soft wool upholstery and well loved board games are unaware of the 60” plasma TV, only visible when it rises on a motorized lift from the custom cabinet where it hides.  No guest will ever fumble for a light switch as each room has labeled lighting control key pads which are programmed with preset lighting scenes specific to the space.  And though this is a lake side retreat, the homeowners are afforded all of the conveniences of wired and wireless internet, cell phone coverage, iPod docking and video gaming.

We installed 3 1/2 miles of structured cable, hooked up hundreds of electronic components and spent countless hours programming to the client’s specific needs.  But apart from enjoying all the fun and convenience you would hardly know we were ever there.  Thank you, job well done!

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  1. Bill Hutley February 12, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Sounds like magic to us less evolved humans. Really, I don’t think that most folks truly understand the options that are available for integrating technology into their homes, especially in the realm of entertainment media. Just twelve years ago I received my TV signal via bent rabbit ears. I still haven’t adjusted to the idea that my LP’s are obsolete, and suddenly the CD’s that are battling my cassette tapes for shelf space are members of the dinosaur culture. Now TVs and Blue Ray players are streaming video over the internet, computers are being linked to home entertainment systems, and folks are left scratching their heads wondering where you plug the wires in.

    There ought to be a thoughtful, easy to read consumer guide to inform the less savvy among us who yearn for integrated entertainment systems but struggle to know where to begin. And all those wires, please!

  2. Leslie Mark February 12, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    These are really great comments. If I weren’t married to the boss, I might very well still be using dial up and renting VCR tapes. I’ll write up some “digital age 101” tips over the weekend. Thanks for the comments.

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