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We love to share these pictures of the Batcave theater.  If you would like to read more about this amazing home theater,  please read this blog post!

The Bat Cave home theater was designed and installed years ago. It was constructed in every way to make the users feel like they have entered a real life cave to watch their movie. Their are stalactites, embedded gems and textured walls that make the experience truly authentic.

The Bat Cave home theater has been featured in trade and shelter magazines, contests, blogs and reviews over the years, most notably, the trade source  CEPro.   Their website is currently featuring “Spot Light on Home Theater” and the Bat Cave Theater appears once again as a ‘Favorite Themed Home Theater’.  First of all, we offer many, many thanks to CEPro and writer, Arlen Schweiger for recognizing this very special project.  

The legacy 3 gun sony CRT  projector and Faroudja line quadrupler have been replaced with a state of the art 3 chip Digital Light Processing projector by Sim2. Check out that sexy Italian beast!   The projector is now mounted with a Chief  ceiling mount system.  B&K Reference Audio Processor and Amplifier were upgraded to  7 channel digital amplification and THX Ultra2 Plus Preamp/processor by Integra.

 We used  Audyssey MultEQ Pro Calibration to achieve perfect sound in this decidedly challenging space.  Viewers can now enjoy the latest video format with the addition of a Sony  Blu-Ray player complete  with new HDMI topology using SnapAV B7  series cables.

And lastly, we reprogrammed the Crestron control systems to incorporate these upgrades and make the system easier than ever to operate.  With the touch of a button, the movie is cued up, the lights dim, the screen drops, the curtain rises,the volume adjusts and the drama begins, better than ever!

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