Smart Lock Technology Improving Home Automation

The Smart Lock That is Rethinking Home Security The smart lock industry is changing the demands in tech and security. A smart lock is simply a lock that interacts with your smartphone, and integrates with other smart devices. The control that a user has over their smart lock will depend on the specific brand and product. Some can open the lock within a certain proximity to the door with Bluetooth signaling. Others use WiFi communication to be able to open the lock from anywhere in the world. The possibilities seem pretty endless for the applications and integration [...]

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Best Technology Gadgets For The 2016 Holidays

The top 20 best values in technology gadgets trends for the 2016 holidays. Take us with you for your Holiday Shopping!   The best technology gadgets are always a huge hit for Holiday shopping.  We have compiled a list of 20 of the hottest values in trending technology for many of the people on your shopping list.  Every item on the list is priced under $200, many are under $100. The best technology trends have to be easy to find so we have provided links to all of the providers. Just click on the image or the item title [...]

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Prima Cinema for the Fully Immersive Experience

Prima Cinema is now showing "Criminal" with Kevin Costner: Watch it in your home tonight! Are you ready for a cutting edge and immersive theatrical experience in the comfort, security and privacy of your own home theater.  That’s what Prima Cinema is all about, says Prima CEO Shawn Yeager.  Showtimes are a thing of the past as you enjoy first run movies on your schedule. Not only will your experience be convenient, but it will replicate destination theater quality in picture and sound and surpass it in ambiance, snacks and overall enjoyment.   Prima Cinema is a [...]

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Lighting Innovation by Coelux

Coelux: A Virtual Skylight Brings the Sunlight and Blue Sky to you The latest technology in lighting aims to bring the sun indoors via an artificial skylight which produces an exact reproduction of the experience of the sun and sky. Coelux, winner of the 2014 Lux London Light Source Innovator award, is headquartered in Italy. This innovation is the result of 10 years of research by inventor Paolo di Trapani.   The Coelux lighting solutions create the true effect of natural light and reproduce a virtual experience of sun and sky in spaces where light can not otherwise [...]

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Update Your Southern Maine Smart Home with These Home Entertainment Essentials

Update Your Southern Maine Smart Home with These Home Entertainment Essentials When was the last time you updated your home theater or media room with the latest products on the market? It may be time for an upgrade. Your experience watching movies, shows, or playing video games is only as good as the materials you use for those activities. The type of screen, projector, and player has a huge impact on the quality of the picture you see. In this blog, you’ll discover exactly which new products DC Home Systems has to offer your custom home theater [...]

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Reap Big Benefits in Your Southern Maine Business with Lighting Control

3 Reasons Installing Automated Lighting in Your Workplace is a Bright Idea You may not believe this, but Southern Maine businesses can save thousands of dollars in annual expenditures just by installing automated lighting controls alone. According to Lutron, lighting uses about 40% of the electricity in an office building, so installing energy-efficient lighting will help save your company big money in the long run. Not only will you be able to invest that extra cash in areas that really matter, but lighting can also help keep the building safe and secure, and it also improves efficiency [...]

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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Whole House Music System

  In our last blog on whole house audio we covered exactly what you need to enjoy music in your smart home-a control system, a strong network, and an easy-to-use interface. This time around we’ll expand on the different ways you can listen to music in your Southern Maine home with a whole house music system. Continue reading to find out. SEE ALSO: 3 Must-haves of a Whole House Music System Purchase a Dolby Atmos-enabled Sound System for Your Home Theater There is nothing like experiencing your favorite movie with incredible sound. Sure you could use your [...]

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Latest Trends in Technology

Scott, Kitchen Designer-Portsmouth, NH We have worked with DC Home Systems for well over ten years, and they are always a pleasure to do business with. They are our go to referral for projects of all sizes and sophistication levels. Nick, Glen and the whole team stay current on the latest trends in technology, they are familiar with all the high end brands like Crestron, and they are some of the nicest people around. You could not find a more professional, innovative, character driven company than DC Home Systems.

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Home Automation Needs

Lisa, Architect-Portsmouth, NH For years, DeStefano Architects has relied on DC Home Systems to assist their clients in any home automation needs. Our firm has incorporated systems supplied and installed by DC Home in countless residential projects. Additionally, D|A has always depended on DC Home Systems to keep our office up-to-date with the latest audio and video systems. DC Home Systems excels at servicing their client’s specific needs and is whole-heartedly committed to working with the entire team of consultants from design inception through system implementation. D|A looks forward to collaborating with DC Home Systems for many [...]

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Crestron Partner

Ben, Crestron Partner I've been working with DC Home Systems for over five years and I am still constantly impressed by Nick's whole team. They spend a significant amount of time listening to their clients in an effort to understand how they'd like to live in the home, prior to making any recommendations about what should or shouldn't be included in their systems. They have a refreshing capacity to explain complicated concepts in plain English. And it's clear from the outset that they place a high value on relationships with all the related trades - from builders, [...]

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