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The True Payoff of Recognition and Awards For DC Home Systems

How does a little company based in Portsmouth New Hampshire rise to the top in a global competition with 158 project submissions, spanning 18 countries from Paris to Abu Dhabi? Because this company, DC Home Systems is a team that has persevered through tragic personal loss, a catastrophic economic slump and a subsequent balance sheet that would leave the boldest entrepreneurs running for the hills. But DC Home Systems tapped into the power of their passion by homing in on their target customer and core expertise, re-engineering their business practices, retaining, hiring and training a team of [...]

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Near Field Communication

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Though just starting to gain some consumer awareness now, the concept has been around since the early 80’s and an industry forum to adopt protocols was created in 2004. The basic idea is to allow devices to communicate with one another when directly touched or brought in close contact with one another. The communication can be one way meaning that one device simply lets the other know it is there, or two-way meaning that they can exchange information. The dominate usage of this technology will be driven by new and more [...]

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