Nick Mark, Owner

Nick Mark

Nick, our owner and leader, has been in the home automation industry since its inception over 25 years ago. He has many achievements he could boast about, but he is much too humble for that.  He lives with his wife, 2 teenage boys and adorable pup Jasper and fat cat Billy.\n\nWe all love working for and with Nick. He is a man of firm integrity, fairness and innovation.

Leslie Mark, Manager, Client Outreach and Support

Leslie Mark

Glen Ervey, Client Advisor

Glen Ervey

Mark Crockett, Technology Master

Mark Crockett

Derek Pinciaro, Project Manager

Derek Pinciaro

Jon Moore, Client Advisor

Jon Moore

Ian Pierce, Technology Specialist

Ian Pierce

Sandra Robertson, Office Coordinator

Sandra Robertson

Scott Hadfield, Lead Technician

Scott Hadfield

Ward Cooper, Project Manager

Ward Cooper

Julie LeBlanc, Chief Financial Officer

Julie LeBlanc

Christopher Saad, Operations Manager

Christopher Saad

Kyle Garland, IT and Project Coordinator

Kyle Garland

Jasper Mark, Chief Joy Officer