Scott Caceras, Technology Specialist

Stay tuned-more to come!

Ward Cooper, Project Manager

Stay tuned-more to come!

Mark Crockett, Technology Master

Mark is a senior technician and star player. He has a unique ability to quietly tackle difficult problems. During any single day, he can deftly move from cutting holes in sheetrock to programming lighting control without missing a beat. Best of all, he keeps our client’s best interests front of mind by being courteous and thoughtful.Mark’s biggest passion is racing his truck in mud track events. He competes in regional and national mud truck events with a truck that he built (and re-built) over many years. The tires alone are over 4 feet tall! We are super proud to have Mark on our team. Please make sure to meet him and learn about his racing.

Glen Ervey, Senior Client Advisor

Glen has been with the team for 18 years working as a systems designer, projector manager and client advisor. He is a seasoned professional with an unwavering commitment to his clients. He treats all his clients and their projects to a powerful dose of care and attention. Glen has many passions. He never misses his Saturday oil painting class with prominent local artist Dennis Perrin and looks forward to earning his sticker for mastering his assignment in his weekly violin instruction. His discipline is inspiring and he is never swayed by the sugary “treats” that show up at the office. We are not actually sure how he fits all of these things in, especially considering how well he masters all of them!

Kyle Garland, IT and Project Coordinator

Stay tuned-more to come!

Scott Hadfield, Technology Specialist

Stay tuned-more to come!

Julie LeBlanc, Chief Financial Officer

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Nick Mark, Owner

Nick, our owner and leader, has been in the home automation industry since its inception over 25 years ago. He has many achievements he could boast about, but he is much too humble for that, but we will.  He is incredibly innovative and led the team in the design and installation of a global award winning home cinema! He lives with his wife, 2 teenage boys, adorable pup Jasper and fat cat Billy. We all love working for and with Nick. He is a man of firm integrity and fairness.

Leslie Mark, Manager, Client Outreach and Support

Leslie is Nick’s wife of 28 years and counting! She is a native of beautiful Bar Harbor and proudly boasts about her dad who was a lobsterman for 54 years. She manages all marketing including website development and our online presence. She also dabbles in her own business, Leslie Mark Designs, creating websites and licensing her artwork for use on products.

Jasper Mark, Chief Joy Officer

At a mere 6 weeks old, the prospects for this little black puppy from Georgia were grim, but he found his way to Kennebunk, ME.During a spontaneous visit to the shelter, Jasper found us. It was love at first sight for us all. Jasper comes to the office everyday. He loves the big lawn out front where he can chase sticks or just hanging out with the gang. Mostly he loves the UPS man, or really anyone who has a box of doggie bones handy.

Jon Moore, Client Advisor

Jon originally came to us as a lighting design specialist, creating an amazing landscape lighting design for an expansive lakefront home. With his knowledge of home automation, attention to detail and affable personality, we quickly recognized his potential as a client advisor developing the midcoast and most especially, the “down east” Maine market. A native of Lamoine, he drew on life long friendships to establish relationships with clients in the area. Jon has boundless energy and a fearless pursuit adventure. He is gifted in his casual recollection of cringe worthy tales like winter camping in a blizzard and a run in with coyotes. He lives for this stuff-and his wife and daughter are no wallflowers either!

Ian Pierce, Technology Specialist

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Derek Pinciaro, Project Manager

“He is able who thinks he is able.” -Buddha Derek is a practicing (although he says, imperfect) Buddhist. He has many years of experience in the AV industry. He hit the ground running when he joined us and continues to be excited with every new challenge and opportunity for growth. On the weekends you might find him fishing or enjoying live music or maybe writing a children’s book. He is feisty, kind, introspective and incredibly interesting all at once.

Sandra Robertson, Office Coordinator

Sandra was born in Indiana but married into the Navy lifestyle and has lived in many states from Hawaii to Oregon and more, finally settling in the New England area. She has varied work experience and excels at most any project we throw at her. She enjoys hiking and the beach but more than anything she he an amazing quilter, doing every stitch by hand! She always brings her positive attitude and she is a very nurturing soul as her four children will attest.

Christopher Saad, Operations Manager

Stay tuned-more to come!