I am excited to report that today I have seen an application of our home automation technology being put to use in caring for our elderly. I have have been noodling the concept for a few years and was pleased to find a company that has developed an engineered and scalable solution.

The core concept is to install sensors that can monitor the key activities of a loved one like: movement in the home, opening and closing of doors and medicine cabinets, flushing of toilets, use of a vehicle, etc.. These sensors are tied to a processor that will present real time information via the web, email or smart phone. Triggers can be set up so that certain events, or lack of events, can send an emergency email or phone call.

Another option with these systems is to add a video camera for remote monitoring and a “message” board that would permit you to type or even draw messages to a screen. You can even post photo’s, videos or music for them as well.

Finally, lights and heat control can be automated with occupancy sensors so that the person does not need to fumble in the dark or try and read a thermostat with small print.

I am particulalry excited about this application of technology as it takes the core elements of systems that we have installing for years and makes them available in a focussed way for our elderly and those in need.