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Reflections on Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Maryland in the summer is a hot, complex and uniquely beautiful city. We made it our home for 7 weeks as we upgraded and updated the home automation system of an incredible suburban retreat. Every time someone asks me how I’ve been or what I’ve been up to I have places to talk about. Traveling this year has exposed me to many new places and adventures. Baltimore Maryland, was a major part of my summer. Seven weeks of heat, south of the Mason Dixon and I’ve changed forever. Baltimore  is a big city with the homeless begging [...]

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More on Energy Management

One of our readers, Derek from Software Advice, sent me this link to an article regarding the benefits of energy management systems for apartment dwellers.  I am providing the link as a follow up to an article I posted a while back regarding Google PowerMeter.  I think the article is informative and emphasizes the point that the real savings of money and energy consumption with these devices comes from the user having access to actionable data.  The device and tracking system arms the consumer with information which hopefully motivates the consumer to make changes and reap the [...]

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Google Powermeter

I love my Google account.  No matter where I am, I have access to my mail, calendar, documents, pictures and news.  The free tools (Analytics, Webmaster, Places, Maps…) have been invaluable in my job as DC Home Systems webmaster.  So, when I read a recent blog about ‘Google PowerMeter’ my curiosity was piqued.  Google offers a free web based energy monitoring tool. The site displays your energy consumption and related costs and allows you to view the data in a day, week or monthly view.  The program will calculate a projection of future consumption based on current [...]

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Electronics for Elderly Care

I am excited to report that today I have seen an application of our home automation technology being put to use in caring for our elderly. I have have been noodling the concept for a few years and was pleased to find a company that has developed an engineered and scalable solution. The core concept is to install sensors that can monitor the key activities of a loved one like: movement in the home, opening and closing of doors and medicine cabinets, flushing of toilets, use of a vehicle, etc.. These sensors are tied to a processor [...]

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Apps For Home Control Systems

New technologies allow you to use your iPhone as a house wide remote control. Simply tap the screen to select movies, music and TV in any room or adjust volume, light levels and room temperature with just a touch. Using the home Wi-Fi network locally or the powerful 3G and EDGE networks remotely, total control is always at your fingertips.  What apps would you like to have for your home audio, video, lighting control or other home systems?

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