Enjoy Outdoor Entertainment in the Seacoast with DC Home Systems

Add Speakers to Your Backyard for Spring and Summer Fun

Now that Easter has sprung us into a warmer season, it’s time to start planning outdoor renovations for some fun. Bring out the lemonade, put on some sandals, and blast summer tunes by the pool. DC Home Systems is poised to help you get ready for outdoor activities with some expert recommendations and tips. Here are some of our best ideas on how to equip your patio with outdoor entertainment in the Seacoast, like Rye, New Castle, and North Hampton.

Park Stevens Creates a Lovely Landscape with Outdoor Audio

As the foliage and the blossoms appear this spring, it will be easier to hide your audio amongst the landscape. After manicuring your lawn with some gardening, nestle a Park Stevens speaker in the bushes or by the pool. They have various mounting options to make your equipment particularly discreet so they are heard and not seen. You’ll be able to provide soothing sounds for a relaxing Sunday brunch or Hi-Fi energy suitable for a Saturday night dance party. Their models are weather-proof so an afternoon rain isn’t an issue, inconspicuous so your guests aren’t distracted by loose cords, and customized to your personal style so they fit in nicely. Send us a drawing of your property and we’ll design a layout of the speakers so they are perfectly placed. By extending your whole house audio system into the outdoor arena, you’ll have more options for entertaining family and friends.

SEURA TVs Engage and Capture Interest

SEURA TVs do more than just repel water. Their proprietary technology enables a bright, clear picture even in the noonday sun. There’s no glare to disrupt your experience and you don’t have to worry about your screen being washed out. SEURA Storm TVs always perform rain or shine.

Seura screens have also been designed to withstand various temperatures. From Arizona heat in the hundreds to below zero temps in Rye, New Hampshire, these models bare it all. These TVs have a unique thermal control system to keep the picture and performance the same even in extreme temperatures. So if you don’t feel comfortable sitting outside in the cooler weather or the heat, it’s assuring to know that it will be there for you when you feel ready to venture outdoors.

With a top-notch outdoor audio system and a TV ready to perform even in the most diverse environments, you’ll have a backyard prepped for the best barbeques and dance parties on the block. Contact us by filling out our online form to get ready for spring and summer fun.