The CEDIA 2015 Trade Show held in Dallas featured some of the most innovative and extravagant technologies we have seen at the show in recent years. We thought you would enjoy reading about some of the more fantastic finds from the show.

The first extravagant innovation I want to share is from Prima Cinema. As you may be aware, the new Star Wars film opens in theaters on Christmas day this year. Imagine staying in your pajamas, inviting over the cousins, aunts, uncles, best friends and maybe even the in laws, pulling out some Christmas dinner leftovers, mixing a few bloody marys and settling in with the gang to watch the release in the comfort of your very own in home theater on the day it is released. This is the Prima Cinema experience: Hollywood films directly to the your comfort, privacy, and security of your own home.


Prima Cinema

To top it all off the films are shown in a format that surpasses Blu-ray standards to provide the ultimate home theater experience. Check out their website to see a listing of current and upcoming films. Be prepared to open your wallet very wide.

Next up, move your viewing experience from the cozy indoors to the poolside or patio with the magic of the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

Stealth Acoustics Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater

Stealth had us at LineaResponse® invisible speakers, but this complete outdoor cinematic entertainment system has us dreaming of summer. Available in 6 configurations this system combines motorized, ginormous hi-resolution LED screens with the award winning Stealth outdoor speaker and amplifier technologies. You don’t have to wait for the sun to set, this system is designed to be viewed even in broad daylight. The highly durable screens and enclosures can be mounted above ground or, wait for it, under ground. A fortified motorized lift quietly raises and retracts the system for complete invisibility and elegance. Check out their website to learn about the extensive list of options and features.


And finally, for the gaming enthusiasts, we saw (and played with) the “Ultimate man cave must have” according to Eleetus Motorsport. This is a gaming simulator of epic proportions and capabilities; a truely extravagant innovation. It is the realistic, forward and back tilting and side to side G force motion of this simulator that brings the gaming experience to life. To complete the visual experience, the racing simulator features 3 27″ high definition monitors and surround sound. Other features include a high performance gaming PC, a Corbeau FX1 fiberglass seat with a harness and many gaming selections so you are sure to never bore of this toy!

There were so many incredible learning opportunities and product demonstrations at CEDIA this year, but with this post we just wanted to share the fun! Stay tuned for more on CEDIA.

Eleetus home gaming