Mounting a flat panel display above your fireplace can be a convenient location, but who wants the TV to be a focal point?  Now, when you aren’t watching TV, your display is concealed by the beautiful art work you really want to be the focal point.

We recently installed this ‘moving art’ for a wonderful client.  Typically, mounting a flat panel over the mantle is not ideal from the standpoint of comfortable viewing.  But this mantle is a bit lower for optimized viewing.  The client selected a sony Bravia LCD HDTV.  Although this is a lovely TV, she certainly did not want it to be the focal point of her beautiful condo.  We worked with Media Decor to provide the perfect solution for her elegant decor.  There are many options available from this clever supplier of moving art.  You can provide your own digital art, select from thier extensive library or submit original art on a canvas painted in accordance with their specifications.  Frames are available in a wide array of styles, colors and widths.  The system can be mounted flush to the wall or recessed into the wall.   Media Decor utilizes the  highly reliable and quiet lift system manufactured by Lutron and used in their motorized shades.  Because the lift mechanism comes from Lutron, a leader in light and shade control, the moving art can be integrated with the lighting and shade control program.  This particular client has an extensive home automation and control system.  As part of the control system, we have programmed a macro or ‘scene’ which simultaneously lifts the art, turns on the desired video source, adjusts the volume, lowers the shades and dims the room lighting, all with the touch of one button!  All of these features can be further adjusted from the same control panel.  Click ‘play’ to watch how it works and visit the website for Media Decor to learn about more options including Media Mirrors