featured in Coastal Home

We are so pleased that the Fall 2011 issue of Coastal Home Magazine  features the home of one of our favorite clients.  The Archibald’s home reflects their warm, inviting lifestyle in every detail, right down to the Green Monster in the back yard.  We were referred to the couple by the builder, Ron Houghton, and met with them early in the house design process to ensure that the systems they wanted to incorporate could be seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure of the home. During this initial consultation, we learned that music is an important element in their daily life.  We developed and installed (prior to sheet rocking the walls) a structured wiring plan to accommodate not only in-ceiling speakers, but also audio, video and data distribution.  The finished home features a Crestron Adagio system which provides music in the kitchen, dining room, family room, sun room, patio, office and basement recreation room.  In any given space, the user can select from 4 different sources of music including AM/FM, XM, iPod or CD.  The music source selection and volume is controlled in most rooms via a wall mounted key pad.  For convenience and usability, they elected to use a 6 inch touch panel as the main music system interface in the highly trafficked kitchen/dining area.

As mentioned, the structured wiring also supports internet access, a Pakedge wireless network and the video distribution including a 50 inch wall mounted plasma TV.  Since this is in a large, open area, we enhanced the audio quality by adding a Bay Audio speaker bar and compact Integra amplifier. The components;  HD cable, Blu-ray player, cable box and amplifier are all stored out of sight, in custom cabinetry  fabricated by Jamie Gowing.

And finally, since Rainwise and I share the same home town,  I must mention the Rainwise weather system we installed which provides information on wind speed, barometric pressure, wind chill and temperature.  They have provided excellent products over the years!

We thank the Archibald’s for choosing DC Home Systems as their integrator and look forward to providing them with great service for years to come.