Fuoriserie ProjectorSim2, an industry leader in Projector design and manufacturing, is earning a lot of attention for the launch of their newest statement projector, Fuoriserie.

Andrew Robinson, writer, director and managing editor of Home Theater Review. says it best in his blog post titled Flashes of Brilliance:

“Without belaboring the point the Fuoriserie is expensive and represents SIM2′s most ambitious flagship effort to date. The Fuoriserie is an entirely hand built, top performing HD projector made from the best parts the front projection community and Texas Instruments have to offer. From the outside it looks like a classic SIM2 projector however internally you’ll find a whole new lamp assembly good for 5,000 plus ANSI Lumens (that’s freakishly bright for a single lamp anything), optics hand sourced from Fujinon and a whole new mechanical color filter system (it’s a 3-chip design so no color wheel) capable of reproducing the full DCI color space -another huge improvement. Again, it is expensive ($100,000) and is only being manufactured in limited quantities -as in 30 -but it proves one thing if nothing else, HD isn’t dead…”

Sim2 has been our go-to source for projectors for our in-home cinema and media room projects, offering a full range of products. The Fuoriserie stands apart from its counterparts in the details of the exclusive and limited edition design. The is not your mother’s projector, being marketed to those who have the “financial ability and his desire to stand out from the crowd“.

As a certified Sim2 dealer, we will happily oblige you the opportunity to be the first in your neighborhood to own this Ferrari of projectors.