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HTA CERTIFIED – National Standard Of Excellence

Home Technology Association

The Home Technology Association (HTA) certifies home technology integrators based on rigorous standards developed by industry professionals. The HTA goal is to empower consumers, architects, builders, and interior designers with the best information possible so they may research and hire the home technology integration firm that best aligns with their projects. You will find more information about certification standards and relevant  articles on their web site.

*DC Home Systems is certified at the Luxury Home level


Here are a few suggestions to consider when choosing a home technology integrator

-A reputable, knowledgeable certified technology installer will help YOU decide which technology solutions best support your lifestyle and needs

-They will specialize in working on home projects of similar size and value to yours.

-You should feel a strong sense of confidence about their knowledge, installation standards and experience.

-They will have a project staff which includes consultative client advisors, system design engineer, experienced trustworthy technicans.

-You will be supported by a dedicated service department and a comprehensive service plan.

-The organization should utilize professional planning and project management systems.

-Lastly, choose a company which demonstrates integrity and the ability to support you for years to come.


Discuss technology options, advantages and YOUR needs with your technology professionals so they can present solutions which align with your price, performance, functional and aesthetic needs.


Keep in mind, the lowest bid isn’t always the best value. A home that has a poor technology implementation is a source of constant frustration.

The HTA budget calculator can familiarize you with the cost drivers and provide a preliminary budget range.


We cannot stress enough the importance of engaging with your integrator early in your project planning process. Great outcomes require upfront design,  planning, and scheduling.. Connect your Architect, builder and designer with your home automation professional to develop a collaborative Plan for technology.

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