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DC Home Systems Answers Your Smart Lighting Questions

Lighting control can transform any area of your home with the touch of a button. Raising and dimming the lights at the right moment can tailor the mood of a space for any occasion. As the premier integrator of home automation in North Shore, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Coastal Maine, we get a lot of questions about enhancing home theaters and media rooms with integrated lighting controls. Our answer is simple: experiencing entertainment under the right conditions is essential for maximum enjoyment. In this blog we’ll break down how the smart lighting can transform the way you experience media in your Newburyport, or Manchester-by-the-sea home.

What is Home Lighting Control?

Simply put, lighting control is the ability to adjust the lights in any room of your home from a single, intuitive device. When you’re in the dining room, you can turn off the lights in the kitchen. If you’re on your way home, you can turn the lights on before you walk through the door. Smart lighting changes the way you see your spaces.

Of course, you can do more with smart lighting than simply press a button to toggle the lamps. Motion sensors can be installed to turn on the lights as you move from room to room.

Pre-programmed settings can also be used to re-create the perfect mood for your different daily activities. Raise the lights in specific zones when it’s time to party, or dim them when it’s time to start the movie. Smart lighting can make the experience more comfortable, immersive and fun.

What Difference Does Lighting Make?

Imagine going out to the movies and the theater forgets to dim the lights before the film starts. You’d get a washed out image and you’d probably leave before even watching the feature presentation. So why would you want to watch a movie in your own home theater under bright lighting conditions?

An automated lighting solution puts your room’s lighting controls at your fingertips. Lower the lights while turning on your surround sound system and starting the movie with a single “movie night” button. You don’t even have to get out of your comfortable, customized theater chair.

When it’s time to get up for some popcorn, raise the lighting in a particular zone so that it doesn’t disturb the other viewers. You can even install track lighting along the floor so that you can see where you’re going without turning on any overhead lights.

How Does Lighting Affect Music?

Smart lighting can make your home’s distributed audio more fun and functional. Craft elegant moments of sonic bliss with the right illumination at all times.

When you wake up, program your whole home audio system to come on in your bedroom in lieu of an obnoxious alarm clock. Augment the experience by setting your home lighting to gradually raise to give your eyes time to adjust. The result is a refreshing way to start your day.

On the weekends, enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces by integrating smart lighting with landscape audio. Enjoy the sounds of your favorite artists with high-fidelity acoustics via your outdoor speaker system. Keep the party going into the night with intuitive lighting that raises as the sun sets. Lighting and music combine for an illuminating night.

Ready to transform your media with a home lighting control installation? Contact us to begin discovering how DC Home Systems can enlighten your North Shore property.