Crestron Offers Custom Smart Home Automation Solutions for North Shore, MA Families

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For over 18 years, DC Home Systems has worked with premium names in home automation to bring you the best custom luxury technology. One of our biggest partners, Crestron, has developed an app, called “Pyng”, that allows you to control every function in your house. “Pyng” works natively with your Apple devices along with their own touch panels and keypads.

Pyng has a sleek and stylish user interface that is not only nice to look at, but is also easy to navigate. After we set up your home network, you can create individual scenes with the touch of a button. Plan special gatherings, parties, or casual hang outs by selecting music playlists, lighting levels, and temperatures then saving the settings under a title you name. Here are a few ways you can use this intuitive app every day to customize your smart home.

Start and End Your Day with Automation

The magic of well implemented home automation is that you have the ability to easily make presets that match and enhance your lifestyle preferences. You can simply open up Pyng on your phone or tablet computer and create scenes for different events of the day.

In the morning for example, imagine waking up at 7 a.m. to your favorite music, with lights getting gently brighter and your shades opening to the sunlight. As you walk into your bathroom, the SUERA mirror TV turns on the news so you can catch the traffic and weather report. If you want to check in on the kids to make sure they are getting ready for school, hit the panel on the wall in your bedroom and access the intercom system to talk to them.

As you walk out the door for work, hit “Away” on your tablet to turn off the lights, draw the shades, turn the security system on, and sets the temperature to an energy-saving mode. At the end of the day, hit “Goodnight” to power down your home and lock the doors.

We know you have a busy schedule, and these are just a few simple ways automation can make your morning and evening routine easier.

Create Casual Hang-outs with Family and Friends

Do you watch sports games every Sunday with your friends? Create a scene and title it “Sunday Football” then save lighting settings to a comfortable level for watching TV, turn the temperature down so fans stay cool, and pick the appropriate channel or radio station for the big game. With one touch, the whole night is ready for your fun and enjoyment. Then recreate the fun next Sunday by hitting the same button on the app again.

Plan Special Occasions Fast and Easy

Plan birthdays, pool parties, and holidays with Pyng so you can get your house ready quick and easy. If you’re having a BBQ outside for example, with pool controls you can set the water temperature, stream a Pandora station to the patio, and raise the lighting levels nice and bright when it gets dark later. If your guests feel the music is too loud, all you have to do is pull your phone out of your pocket and turn the volume down.

Fill out our online form if you’d like to unite all of your home systems together with one single app. Whether you live in Newburyport or any of the surrounding Manchester-By-The-Sea and North Shore regions, DC Home Systems is prepared to put the power of home control in your hands.