DC Home Systems is Your Local Seacoast Lighting Expert

Remember the TV series Home Improvement? Tim the Tool Man Taylor would take on a myriad of home renovation projects, but seemed to always somehow destroy the house and injure himself in the process. When you attempt to install technology yourself, chaos can happen. We recommend you hire a certified professional like us to do the job, instead of following the DIY train. You don’t want to end up being electrocuted like Tim. We’ll be your Al Borland—your faithful sidekick who will assist you in every home project you do, while also making sure to avoid the pitfalls.

By working with DC Home Systems, you’ll get the latest lighting technology and feel at ease knowing a trained team is going to finish the job with precision. Here are a few ways to improve your home with lighting control.

Connect Every Room in Your Home with Cool Controls  

Let’s be honest, pushing buttons is fun. You can get a child-like joy playing with switches to see what they do. We can help you create that “Wow” factor at home by connecting every light in your home so that everything turns on with one touch.

Of course, with our direction, it’s up to you which lights are in the same zone. Link the kids’ bedroom lights together so that in one click they turn on in the morning, separate the outdoor lighting, or even make a clear path to the kitchen for those late nights when you want a midnight snack.

If you have a shading system too, we can integrate lights and shades together so that they work hand in hand to save you time and energy. Our team can customize your home’s lighting so that it fits your goals and lifestyle.

Make a Show with Designer Dimmers & Colored Lighting

Tim the Tool Man had a lot of lofty ideas. Most of the time they didn’t pan out, but with us we guarantee we can make your dreams come to life. We have lights that can dim to different levels, lights in all colors of the rainbow and fixtures in different shapes and sizes. Dimmers can create various moods for every activity, like a party, workout session, or relaxing dinner at home. And with brands like Crestron and Lutron, we can make sure your dimmer switches match your home’s décor as well.

Make it Wireless

One of the greatest features of automated lighting is being able to control it with your smartphone. You could be away on vacation in the Bahamas, or just down the street at work, and control every light in your home. This technology is a big energy saver, especially if you tend to leave lights on unnecessarily. It will also save you time since you can turn all lights on or off in one press of a button. In addition, with certain control systems like Creston Pyng, you can choose a lighting setting for a specific activity or occasion, like “Weekend Getaway” and hit it when you decide to leave for a few days on the fly.

So although trying to pull a “Tim the Tool Man” and do your own lighting job, we recommend you stick with trusty Al Borland in the flannel shirt and get it done right. We’ll also be your friendly neighbor and help with service and repairs down the road if you need any. Contact us to get started.