Since 1980, we have worked with some of the most discerning customers,
architects, designers and custom builders.

These years of experience have proven the success of prioritizing the upfront design process in providing customers the best overall value, ease of use and system reliability.


Process Driven Value

Our personal approach starts with you!

We start by introducing you to your client adviser who gets to know you and your lifestyle.

We know that technology can be overwhelming, so we help you define the function, convenience and entertainment elements you want to bring into your home and explore the technology options that best meet your goals.

We translate your choices into an initial design and specify products which have proven to provide simple, reliable performance.

When you are satisfied with the initial design and preliminary budget, we create your detailed proposal.

Your client adviser remains your primary point of contact through all phases of our standardized, systematic approach project management.

Personalized commitment from start to finish


Process Driven Value

Experience the value of a system that is designed properly from the start.

We use stable technologies, proven engineered solutions, and follow documented design, programming and installation standards aimed at ease of use, installation efficiency, performance and serviceability.

Our unique process of fabricating and assembling all equipment into a rack system at our main facility enables rigorous in-house testing of equipment,  programming and performance prior to installation in your home.

These steps result in rapid and accurate system deployment at final installation and delivery of your system on time and on budget.

This process has resulted in industry recognition, national and global awards.



performance assurance

We are committed to supporting you for many years.

We successfully maximize system up-time through proactive system maintenance, remote technical support and rapid service response.

Using remote network access tools, we are able to monitor your system and receive detailed alerts of service interruptions. We can then troubleshoot, check performance, reboot devices and resolve issues remotely, enabling us to support both local clients as well as clients with homes thousands of miles away from our home base in Portsmouth, NH.

We often perform pre-scheduled, preventative maintenance checks prior to your seasonal arrival.

We also provide after hours telephone support facilitated by our remote access tools.

Our goal is for you to experience reliable enjoyment of your home technologies.