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Committed to a long term relationship.

Performance Assurance means long term proactive and responsive attention
to your ongoing wants and needs.

Home Automation Performance Assurance

DC Home Systems is intent on providing and supporting technology that is simple to use, reliable and exciting.

To ensure these results for our clients, we have developed the PerformanceAssuranceTM program. This program is designed with the goal of maximizing system up-time through proactive system maintenance and management and timely service response. We want you to experience reliable enjoyment of your home systems.

To facilitate remote, proactive system maintenance and management our IT engineers developed a Remote Access Dashboard technology configuration. The foundation of this technology is a robust network which enhances system performance, stability and security. 

With remote access, and telephone support, many service interruptions can be averted, solved quickly or addressed after hours. Additionally, service and programming changes can often be accomplished without incurring the additional cost and downtime of traditional onsite technician appointments.

PerformanceAssuranceTM demonstrates our ongoing commitment to you and your system through access to our team of professionals providing preventative maintenance, remote access trouble shooting and service response or onsite service and upgrades.