Coelux: A Virtual Skylight Brings the Sunlight and Blue Sky to you

The latest technology in lighting aims to bring the sun indoors via an artificial skylight which produces an exact reproduction of the experience of the sun and sky.

Coelux, winner of the 2014 Lux London Light Source Innovator award, is headquartered in Italy. This innovation is the result of 10 years of research by inventor Paolo di Trapani.  

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The Coelux lighting solutions create the true effect of natural light and reproduce a virtual experience of sun and sky in spaces where light can not otherwise reach.  The product has applications in most all architecture including hospitality, commercial spaces, public facilities, residential spaces and most notably, the healthcare environment. 


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Coelux brings the light and color of the sky to a space, even at night and convinces the brain that you are outdoors.   The simulation of daylight is believed to promote the peaceful feeling of connecting  to the outdoors. Additional benefits include stress reduction, improved concentration, increased productivity, emotional well being and the acceleration of healing.  

The realism of the light is accented by its depth, blue color, shadow casting, cool tones and the sparkling light scattering effect, known as the Rayleigh effect, which is  found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Although the technology is very proprietary, there are a few clues to the processes involved in creating this ultra realistic lighting solution.  The “window” is a solid layer of material containing nano particles which reproduce the Rayleigh scattering effect splitting wavelengths of light to make the light appear blue, creating the polarization effects and the spectrum data.

The photo realistic light rendering Engine is the means by which Coelux stimulates the sun and sky. Varying qualities of light are recreated by manipulating the size and placement of the LED ‘hotspot’ and varying the thickness of the material thereby creating programmable scenes which replicate the Earths’s 3 latitudes; Northern Europe, the Tropics and the Mediterranean.


Imagine subway tunnels illuminated by natural daylight or equal distribution of daylight throughout a large office complex. This technology may even advance the concept of low rise, underground living and work spaces.  The Humanitas Hospital radiology department has incorporated Coelux to provide maximum comfort to patients during treatments. The claustrophobic effects of the necessarily dark treatment bunkers are mitigated by the psychological and physiological effects the virtual skylight.  Other installations include retail spaces which boast prolonged shopping experiences and improved retail work environment and workspaces which promote community, well being and productivity. 

Coelux is widely available in Europe and is now making its way to customers in North America through cutting edge suppliers like your very own DC Home Systems of Portsmouth, NH.

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