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Outdoor Living Home Automation For Fun And Function

Outdoor Living Home Automation is an increasingly popular component of a complete home automation installation package providing fun, function and security. Jon Moore, Lighting Designer for DC Home Systems is putting the finishing touches on the outdoor elements of an extensive home automation project for a summer home situated in rural Maine. In addition to a stunning main house, the property includes 2 guest houses, a playhouse complete with a bowling alley and dedicated home theater, a most unique mini-golf course, zip lines, a functioning carousel installation and a number of towering sculptures. Located lakeside and encompassing [...]

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Reap Big Benefits in Your Southern Maine Business with Lighting Control

3 Reasons Installing Automated Lighting in Your Workplace is a Bright Idea You may not believe this, but Southern Maine businesses can save thousands of dollars in annual expenditures just by installing automated lighting controls alone. According to Lutron, lighting uses about 40% of the electricity in an office building, so installing energy-efficient lighting will help save your company big money in the long run. Not only will you be able to invest that extra cash in areas that really matter, but lighting can also help keep the building safe and secure, and it also improves efficiency [...]

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How Can Home Lighting Control Enhance Your Media Room

Lighting control can transform any area of your home with the touch of a button. Raising and dimming the lights at the right moment can tailor the mood of a space for any occasion. As the premier integrator of home automation in North Shore, Massachusetts we get a lot of questions about enhancing home theaters and media rooms with integrated lighting controls.

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How to Improve Your Home with Lighting Control

DC Home Systems is Your Local Seacoast Lighting Expert Remember the TV series Home Improvement? Tim the Tool Man Taylor would take on a myriad of home renovation projects, but seemed to always somehow destroy the house and injure himself in the process. When you attempt to install technology yourself, chaos can happen. We recommend you hire a certified professional like us to do the job, instead of following the DIY train. You don’t want to end up being electrocuted like Tim. We’ll be your Al Borland—your faithful sidekick who will assist you in every home project [...]

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Made In The Shade

DC Home Systems wins Crestron 2013 Home Integration Award

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The Cobbler Has New Shoes

For the last 20 years I have walked around barefoot in my electronic home. All of my “stuff” has been a mishmash of older components strung together with left over patch cables and power strips. Quite a sight to behold for the home of an electronics “professional”.

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A New Hampshire Home

  It can be difficult to communicate the scope of the work that we do, but this article tells a big part of the story.  There were a number of exceptional houses featured in the current issue of New Hampshire Home Magazine.  We are thrilled that this particular home was included.  We loved being part of such an innovative design and construction project.  It is always a pleasure working with the brilliant architect, Lisa DeStefano and kitchen designer, Scott Purswell of Dovetailed Kitchens and of course the very gracious and creative homeowner.  Congratulations to everyone who was [...]

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Updated Lighting

Adjusting the lights in your home through programmed controls is becoming more and more desirable, not only for the convenience but also for reducing energy consumption and costs.   This technology is more widely available than ever before.  Thanks to recent product innovations, retrofitting your current lighting to controllable lighting is as easy as replacing a light switch.   You can choose to replace one switch  or have as many as 200 switches programmed on to the system.  Start with just a single room or area and expand the system to the most logical spaces. The right dimmers, switches and keypads talk wirelessly to a central [...]

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Motorized Shades

Automated and motorized window treatments will enhance your control of energy costs both in winter and summer. In winter, shades that automatically lower at dark will block heat from leaving your home. Conversely, in the summertime, shades that automatically lower during peak sunshine will prevent heat from coming in your home and straining your air conditioner. Fabrics come in an excellent variety of styles and colors. You need a  certified professional to properly design, measure and install the ideal treatment for your home. Additionally, if you have a lutron or litetouch lighting control system, you can most [...]

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