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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We enjoyed a quick, but fun filled journey to Bar Harbor to visit with family. It was the maiden voyage of the Ram with her colorful new graphics! We left York a bit later than we had hoped, but arrived in time to enjoy a tour of my parent’s beautiful, bountiful gardens and enjoy watching the colorful wild birds feasting on their evening meal. The next morning we enjoyed a  vigorous bike ride from Town Hill, through Pretty Marsh and past Long Pond where I discovered my tire was rapidly deflating!  No worries, my parents came to the rescue while we waited patiently in Somesville, possibly the most charming village on the planet. The fine guys of Bar Harbor Bicycle shop (who sold me my first bike) fixed it right away, in the middle of their very busy rental day.  We packed up the kids, the dog, lunch and my parents for a little boating, but the wind was a bit much for our small boats.  Still, we enjoyed the amazing views of the rugged, craggy coastline of Trenton, Lamoine, Salisbury Cove and Hulls Cove and into Frenchman’s Bay. Occassionally we could spot a home built on or near the stone foundation remains of one of the historic mansions destroyed in the fire of 1947.  My father, a lobsterman of 45 years or so, treated us to all the lobster we could eat.  The soft shells and sweet meat make lobster an especially delighful (though very messy) experience at this time of year.   Before packing up the next morning we squeezed in a  beautiful hike around Jordan Pond, up to Bubble Rock and down the steep South Bubble trail.  From the top we enjoyed views of Jordan Pond, Eagle Lake, Pemetic Mountain, Sargent Mountain and Cadillac Mountain.  Fortunately the ride home was easy with minimal traffic.

Please check out these links to get a feel for all of the amazing sights and activities of one of America’s  most amazing National Parks and visit the Island soon!