LCR (left, center, right) bars for flat panel TV’s have gained wide popularity in recent years. The LCR bar mounts directly to the top, bottom or sides of a flat panel TV offering high quality, multi-channel audio via a slim unobtrusive unit. This innovation eliminates the need for multiple in-wall or stand-alone speakers.  The best units offer flexible configuration and independent function so the speaker can be used as a center channel, a left/right speaker or as a complete 3 channel system.Audio Enhancement for TV  Our supplier, Bay Audio, provides customized LCR bars which feature cabinetry to match the size and finish of your flat panel TV.  Their product is available in 3 performance levels, but all are excellent in terms of providing crisp dialog and vocal integrity.

Bay Audio has recently taken their pursuit of perfection one step further and has released the MiniBar.  (download product PDF) At an amazing 1.5” deep (including grille!), this high performance, multichannel LCR bar fits the thinnest flat panels.  And best of all, these sound bars feature the same volume, clarity and integrity as their original customized LCR bars.  Visit their website and talk to us about incorporating these slim line speakers into your home audio/video systems.