One of the coolest ideas to implement is a portable or outdoor theater. How fun is it to sit outside on a warm summer night and watch a movie on a large screen? There are many solutions for making this happen, but not a lot of good ones. I’ve searched high and low for a best case scenario, but keep finding so-so answers. Inflatable screens are fine, but take awhile to blow up and it doesn’t seem realistic that they would be completely flat. The projection system itself seems difficult to put together. You need a projector, DVD or Blu-Ray player, speakers, amplifier, and a cart or table to set it all on. Then you have the potential tripping hazard of the power cords and speaker wire. Epson has an all-in-one solution. It’s a projector/DVD Player/amplifier. Unfortunately it only displays resolutions up to 720p. Why bother? What does it take to create the perfect system? Easy to move from room to room or inside to outside. No cords to trip over. A flat screen that won’t blow away or fall down during the movie. A sound system loud enough to fill the room, especially when that room is the great outdoors. A projector bright enough to be seen at dusk, or even during the late day (who wants to start a movie at dark in the summer when that doesn’t happen until 8:30 or 9 pm). After much review, outdoor theater is as difficult as it gets because all the variables you control with an indoor theater cannot be controlled outside. It is still the Holy Grail and can be accomplished with the proper planning and design.