Outdoor Living Home Automation is an increasingly popular component of a complete home automation installation package providing fun, function and security.

DC Home Systems is putting the finishing touches on the outdoor elements of an extensive home automation project for a summer home situated in rural Maine. In addition to a stunning main house, the property includes 2 guest houses, a playhouse complete with a bowling alley and dedicated home theater, a most unique mini-golf course, zip lines, a functioning carousel installation and a number of towering sculptures. Located lakeside and encompassing 26 acres, the landscape design and lighting represents considerable aesthetic, functional and security priorities for the homeowners.

landscape lighting automationcoastal-source-waterfront-lightingOver our many years of experience in landscape lighting and audio video automation, we have come to rely on the quality and versatility of the Coastal Source products to incorporate outdoor audio and lighting for pathways, driveways, gardens, waterfront and architectural security lighting.

simple smart home control

Not to worry, our in house system designer does all of the behind the scenes work so you can access all of your smart home technologies intuitively with a single app, keypads or touch screen.

Our system engineer creates precise focal accents calculating the adjustable beam spreads and color rendering capabilities of the technology. We are especially attentive to the “full moon effect” canopy up lighting. The lighting, all LED, is programmed with astronomical clock settings to turn on at 1 hour before sunset and turn off at 1 hour prior to sunrise.

coastal source outdoor audioCoastal Source also provides a full compliment of impressive landscape speaker options. The music streaming options are set up to customize multiple zones providing individual  music selections and volume control for each zone or grouped zones. The outdoor audio, video and lighting are integrated  with the in home automation control systems including lighting, audio, video, surveillance, window shades and climate controls.

As an additional benefit to homeowners, DC Home Systems designs and installs home automation and control systems for our client’s other homes incorporating similar technologies and control interfaces for a consistent user experience.

We do the heavy lifting-you simply enjoy the convenience, aesthetics and fun afforded by integrated professional grade home automation systems.