Prima Cinema is now showing “Criminal” with Kevin Costner: Watch it in your home tonight!

Are you ready for a cutting edge and immersive theatrical experience in the comfort, security and privacy of your own home theater.  That’s what Prima Cinema is all about, says Prima CEO Shawn Yeager.  Showtimes are a thing of the past as you enjoy first run movies on your schedule.

Not only will your experience be convenient, but it will replicate destination theater quality in picture and sound and surpass it in ambiance, snacks and overall enjoyment.


Prima Cinema at DC Home Systems

Prima Cinema is a proprietary digital distribution system which is installed by a home electronics professional in your dedicated home theater.  The movie player boasts twice the sharpness  of Blu-ray with 1080p24 Full HD for 2D and 3D content.  The 10 bit format delivers over 1 billion colors with aspect ratios identical to the theater. 

The audio quality is unparalleled with uncompressed PCM format and digitally mastered theatrical surround sound.

The player stores up to 50 full length films for instant playback with no streaming or buffering ever.  Redundant power supplies, dual ethernet connections, 2 HDMI outputs, dual fingerprint scanners and a 4 terabyte hard drive ensure security and interruption free viewing. 


Prima Cinema in Portsmouth NH

The only potential downside is the hefty price tag.  The player sells for $35,000 but an upgraded version featuring 4K, High Frame Rate, Digital Cinema Initiatives and Dolby Atmos format will soon be available for about $50,000. Add to that the cost of rentals starting at $500 per viewing plus $100 more for 3D versions.

Although targeted to a select market, Prima, in cooperation with 12 studios; Universal, Paramount and Weinstein for starters, has realized great success launching over 250 theatrical hits including Jurassic World, Insurgent and Deep Water Horizon.

Prima Cinema for Seacoast New Hampshire

Now playing are Charlize Theron in The Huntsman, Melissa McCarthy in The Boss and Kevin Costner’s new blockbuster, Criminal

Are you ready to join the ranks of the Hollywood Elite in enjoying movie premieres in your own space on your own time!  Prima Cinema is now available for purchase, installation and your full movie viewing enjoyment.