3 Reasons Installing Automated Lighting in Your Workplace is a Bright Idea
You may not believe this, but Southern Maine businesses can save thousands of dollars in annual expenditures just by installing automated lighting controls alone. According to Lutron, lighting uses about 40% of the electricity in an office building, so installing energy-efficient lighting will help save your company big money in the long run. Not only will you be able to invest that extra cash in areas that really matter, but lighting can also help keep the building safe and secure, and it also improves efficiency in the workplace. In this blog, we’ll expand on all the benefits of lighting control for your business in the Kittery, York, Ogunquit, or Kennebunkport area.
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1. You’ll Save Energy and Money
When you walk by a tall building in the evening, do you usually see all the lights on? Sadly, in many cases this is true and electricity is being wasted all night long when no one is even there. The New York Times cut $600,000 from its annual lighting costs after installing a lighting control system. Automated lighting also has an effect on your HVAC system because it affects the temperature of the room and can lessen the load on your heating and cooling system. Add motorized shades and you’ll be saving even more money every year. Occupancy/vacancy sensors help turn off lights when no one is there, dimmers lower the lighting levels so that less electricity is being used, but it’s still brightening the space, and one-touch wireless controls make it easy for anyone to turn off all the lights in a second. Additionally you can easily leave the lights on just one floor, or even one room then turn them off when an employee leaves with your smartphone. With our lighting systems, you’ll never have to make up an excuse as to why the energy bill was high.
2. You’ll Enhance the Security System
By tying lighting with the security system, you can easily scare away intruders. Alarm systems with loud noise is one tactic to scare off a criminal who tries to break in. But motion sensor lights can help prevent harm by warding off trespassers. Motion sensors trigger the lights to come on at certain points in and around the office or building, exposing the person and scaring them away.
3. You’ll Improve Efficiency and Add Simplicity to the Office

As a business owner, it’s incredibly convenient to have access to your building at all times. You could be away on a business trip or on vacation and check in to your office or restaurant and see if the lights have been left on at night, and then turn them off using your smartphone. In addition, by installing one-touch, in-wall controls in key points around the workplace, employees will be able to easily turn lights on and off throughout the day. Program lights into a conference room system and they can be ready for meetings in seconds. Hit “away” when it’s time to clock out and the security system arms, the lights go off, and the thermostat adjusts to an energy-efficient degree. All of this is seamless, simple, and super easy with our smart automation systems.

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