Smart Home Technology, Home Automation, Integrated Home Systems…

Ever wondered just what this business is ALL about?

We have just returned from CEDIA 2015 in Dallas Texas full of ideas, innovations and excitement for our industry.  But despite the fact that we have been in this space for 35 (yes, 35!) years, it is still a difficult business to describe in a typical elevator speech.  Perhaps it is the nature of ever evolving technology or the the vast array of home technologies and control systems that are available.  Either way, a simple sentence or even a picture worth a thousand words fails to describe the breadth of our professional services.  

These are images taken of recent projects which incorporated fully integrated smart home technology.

home entertainment and control

home automation with TV on Lift

TV in mirror in bathroom

home with smart home technology

Although this photo shows a cozy seating area with TV on an articulating mount, that is hardly the whole story.

See that little control touch panel?  It controls not only the TV functions but also the lighting, the temperature and the audio systems throughout the home. 

Yes this amazing space has a TV on a lift system that completely recedes into the cabinetry when not in use.

But there are also motorized blinds that raise and lower according to a programmed schedule and automated lighting control scenes for various settings like dinner, reading or watching TV.

This beautiful bathroom vanity has a TV embedded in the glass of the mirror! That’s almost as cool as the music that plays in the shower and the occupancy sensors that makes sure all the lights are out when a room is empty.  There is also a surveillance system in the home which can be accessed via a mobile app-from anywhere! Now that’s smart home technology.

Now this one is really tricky.  It just looks like a beautiful penthouse apartment.  And that is just the look we were going for when we installed a motorized shades that doubles as a projector screen and hides under a contemporary valance when raised.  And we definitely didn’t want you to see any evidence of the multiroom audio system that features Pandora, iTunes and their personal CD collection.  The fixtures for the lighting control system are understated and simple to use.  They can also adjust lights, TV, audio and temperature from a simple and reliable mobile app.

You get the idea.  So much of the work we do as integrators of smart home technology is very low profile or even invisible, but the functionality adds so much to the comfort, security and convenience for the homeowner.We have been long time members of CEDIA and are so pleased that they have developed this short video which shows the true nature of smart home technology and its impact on your lifestyle and that wonderful place you love called home.