We all know there is an app for everything. And although many provide hours of mental escape, most are admittedly trivial. But we are pleased to announce a family of apps that provide security, safety and reassurance.

More and more customers are requesting surveillance cameras be included in the home electronics system design. First of all, the sight of a camera, and intruders do look for them, serves as a huge deterrent. But even a very low profile, aesthetic friendly camera greatly enhances peace of mind.

• Check for flooding of storm damage while you are out of town.
• Keep an eye on the pool area, nursery or in-law apartment while working in the home.
• Get a visual of visitors as they enter the driveway or knock at the door.
• Leaving the teenagers in charge for the weekend?………
• And obviously, deter, detect and record the identity of potential intruders.

Typically, we install 4 strategically placed cameras, a dedicated 4 channel DVR to record the activity caught on camera, a local monitor for real-time viewing, an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and an app which provides remote access ( real time and recorded video) via your smart phone, tablet pc or computer. You can set up the app to send an email when certain events are triggered such as motion detection. With certain cameras, you can even use the app to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera to get a better view of the location.

You can view the video of the Wirepath Surveillance app on our website by clicking here!

Cameras are designed to suit a variety of functions including indoor/outdoor use, 360 degree capture (dome camera) and ‘covert’ cameras which look like a smoke or motion detector. Like most products, pricing is based on the camera’s features. Some are optimized for recording in low light, high resolution or include pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

The DVR Price points vary depending on the amount of data (time and resolution) which can record and stored.

We are currently providing a complete surveillance package for $2495. The system includes: 4 indoor/outdoor, standard resolution, fixed view cameras, a 4 channel DVR, a 17” local monitor, power supplies and UPS, the free mobile app, installation of cameras, system calibration and user tutorial. Wiring material and wire installation are priced separately based on installation conditions. Installation site requires high speed, wired internet access.

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