The Convenience of Modern Technology

The explosion of technologies and internet connectivity is creating a dizzying number of choices for everyone. Some see this as an amazing opportunity while others feel overwhelmed and don’t know where (or if) they should start. Consider for example that: • CD’s and AM/FM radio have been replaced with streaming media from Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. . • You no longer need a drawer or closet for your media because it stays in this new thing we call “the cloud”. • Thermostats are now controllable through the web. • Surveillance cameras can be seen on your mobile [...]

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Surveillance App

We all know there is an app for everything. And although many provide hours of mental escape, most are admittedly trivial. But we are pleased to announce a family of apps that provide security, safety and reassurance. More and more customers are requesting surveillance cameras be included in the home electronics system design. First of all, the sight of a camera, and intruders do look for them, serves as a huge deterrent. But even a very low profile, aesthetic friendly camera greatly enhances peace of mind. • Check for flooding of storm damage while you are out [...]

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Tablet or Dedicated Touch Panel – That is the Question

Can an inexpensive iPad or mobile device app replace the need for a more expensive ‘purpose built’ control interface for your automated home systems. Great question, and the answer is, “Absolutely –your tablet or smart phone will work wonderfully-in most situations…” Tablets, like the iPad, or mobile phones are an excellent and cost effective tool for getting system controls for much less money than a purpose built device like the Crestron wireless touchpanel or handheld WiFi touchpanel. You can do everything on a tablet that a purpose built device can do. Control music, lights, heat and even [...]

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Texting is a family disease

A few months ago our 14 year old son asked for a texting plan on his phone.  I know.  He's 14!  Some of his friends have been texting since 4th grade or before.  When he asked last year, we said "no, if you want to talk to your friends, pick up the phone and talk."  We explained the importance of verbal communication and how its very existence is being threatened in this digital age.  There is the very real fear that the obsession with texting will become a life threatening activity when he is in a vehicle.  [...]

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Apps For Home Control Systems

New technologies allow you to use your iPhone as a house wide remote control. Simply tap the screen to select movies, music and TV in any room or adjust volume, light levels and room temperature with just a touch. Using the home Wi-Fi network locally or the powerful 3G and EDGE networks remotely, total control is always at your fingertips.  What apps would you like to have for your home audio, video, lighting control or other home systems?

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