The explosion of technologies and internet connectivity is creating a dizzying number of choices for everyone. Some see this as an amazing opportunity while others feel overwhelmed and don’t know where (or if) they should start.
Consider for example that:
• CD’s and AM/FM radio have been replaced with streaming media from Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. . Pandora Link iTunes Music Store Spotify Internet Music
• You no longer need a drawer or closet for your media because it stays in this new thing we call “the cloud”.
• Thermostats are now controllable through the web.
• Surveillance cameras can be seen on your mobile device.
• Lights and energy can be monitored and controlled according to your lifestyle.Mobile Surveillance App

As an electronics professional, I obviously get excited about these things. What excites me most is how well it works and how nicely is can be done. Over the past few years, I have experienced many moments where clients smiled, danced or applauded. Recently for example, we finished putting in a stealthy surveillance system so that a brother and sister could keep an eye on their aging mother through their iPad. They recounted to me how much their comfort level has increased because they can “connect” anytime during the week to be sure their mom is getting the daily care they expect.

I invite you to consider how new technologies can make your life more convenient and enjoyable. Imagine having your mobile device act as a controller for your home systems. You can receive emails or texts if the boiler is out or you have a leak in the basement. You can turn up your heat from the airport as you are returning home. You can keep an eye on the kids while you are away. You can rock out to your favorite music on your built-in sound system and control your TV all from the same device.

We have arrived at an age where technology can really simplify and enhance your lifestyle. Consider for example how much a smartphone has done for all of us on a daily basis; Checking weather, finding a restaurant, saying hello to a friend is truly easier, more convenient and dare I say fun.
The same is true for what can be done in a home with modern technology. And like the analogy to your smartphone, I can assure you that when done properly, integrated home technologies will add convenience, simplicity and a good measure of enjoyment.