Cable companies don’t have the best reputation with consumers. They are generally perceived as being expensive,  late, and unhelpful.

We have a client in Maine, who is making some improvements and adding guest  cabins. Te main house has a cable feed for TV and internet. The extra cabins need their own cable feed to get the proper signal. We arranged to have the cable company come to the site to pull a new cable feed from the power pole to the new cabin.

On the day that the cable company was scheduled to install that new cable, our installer A.J. was onsite.  The cable company had hired a contractor to run the cable, but he showed up unprepared. As A.J. tells it, the contractor didn’t realize that he had to change out some equipment on the pole and run the cable such a long distance.  The contractor,perhaps because he was not a stakeholder in the project, was initially uncooperative and reluctant to do any work without calling the supervisor.  If it wasn’t for our our installer being onsite, the contractor would have certainly left as soon as he had arrived and the project would have been delayed and the customer would have been unhappy, with us.  Having many years of experience working with and for the cable industry and being primarily concerned with the customers satisfaction, A.J. knew what had to be done and  firmly provided suggestions for how to proceed.   The contractor reluctantly completed the work and most importantly, the customer is happy,

On another note, as Time Warner Cable and Sinclair Broadcasting Group (owner of local affiliate WGME) continue to battle over contract negotiations, affecting CBS viewers in 20 markets across the nation, it is unclear who will come out on top on the December 31st deadline.