The capabilities of audio and video source gear have exploded in just the past year.  Someone with a sweet home A/V system used to have a VCR, DVD player, cable or satellite receiver (or both), Tivo, reel-to-reel, CD changer, cassette player, and phonograph.  This took up a lot of space, had a mess of wires, and required extreme dexterity to operate all the remotes, or one really well programmed universal remote.

 Today, the consumer can get a Blu-Ray player with Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, Pandora, weather information, and access to local computer files.  TV’s are available with similar capabilities.  The ability to stream music and movies over the web is making source gear less necessary.

 However, video quality is still a bit of an issue.  Services that stream video in real time typically can’t give you the high quality picture of cable or Satellite.  Services such as and VUDU allow you to download movies for purchase or rental in higher resolutions.

 It won’t be long before you will be able to satisfy all of your audio and video desires by simply purchasing a TV, connecting it to the internet, and using the TV remote to watch TV, download and stream movies, and listen to music.

 This likelihood leaves me wondering how this will affect the movie and music industry, video gaming capabilities, power consumption (no more cable and satellite boxes hogging power when you aren’t using them).

 How do you think the landscape will change?  What issues might this cause or solve?  Let us know!