Adjusting the lights in your home through programmed controls is becoming more and more desirable, not only for the convenience but also for reducing energy consumption and costs.   This technology is more widely available than ever before.  Thanks to recent product innovations, retrofitting your current lighting to controllable lighting is as easy as replacing a light switch.   You can choose to replace one switch  or have as many as 200 switches programmed on to the system.  Start with just a single room or area and expand the system to the most logical spaces. The right dimmers, switches and keypads talk wirelessly to a central control point, enabling control of all of the lighting in your home with simple, intuitive keypads, both in-wall and table-top. And as an added benefit, the controls are elegant and available in many colors and styles.    

lighting keypad switchLight control Keypads

As switches are added, groups of lights are programmed to come on to preset levels based on the ambiance you want for the occasion. Now, as you enter the den, you press a button on a keypad near the entry and your over head lights come on to a dimmed setting,  your desk lamp turns on and the art light illuminates your favorite painting. Lights can be programmed to turn on, off or dim according to the time of day or occupancy patterns, saving energy and bulb life.  Further, with a built in astronomical clock, your system can be programmed to turn lights on automatically at  sunrise, whatever the time of year.  You can even turn off all the lights in the house from a keypad beside your bed with the push of a single button.     

Your system can include progammed sensors which automatically turn the lights on when movement is  detected in a room.  Conversely, when you leave the room and the sensor doesn’t detect movement for a few minutes, the lights will turn off to save energy.    

Car visor controls provide an additional level of safety and security. When you leave your home, you simply press one button to turn off all the lights, except the lights that provide security in your absence.  Similarly, when you return, a button on the visor control illuminates a safe path to your entrance and task lighting inside the home.    

Sophisticated systems aim to optimize not only electric light but also natural day light. Motorized shades  are an important part of light and energy management.  The shades/drapes can be programmed to rise with sun. The shades lower with the mid day sun, to protect upholstery, flooring and minimize energy spent on cooling.   You adjust the shades to any level you choose using simple keypad buttons.  The shades are whisper quiet in operation, offer a variety of privacy levels  and come in a beautiful array of fabrics.    

Visit these sites to learn more about these well engineered solutions for total optimization of  both electric and natural light.