There is much debate about how these retail giants syphon sales from all the smaller retailers and the resulting macro impact to our nation. Our apparent addiction to getting the cheapest price fuels a spiral of cheap labor and manufacturing overseas and subsequently grows our landfills with broken products. (ok…I am showing my colors here).

I conclude that it isn’t the large companies that are evil. In fact it is us, the consumers, which have created these behemoths. The corporate leaders were just savvy enough to capitalize on our weakness for getting a “good deal” and staying in our comfort zone of convenience. As consumers, we are drawn like a moth to a light to do business in these stores as we can get everything we need, in one stop (or click) at a great price.

As a proprietor of a small “bricks and mortar” establishment I humbly ask you to stop and think about your next purchase. Although less convenient, I would argue that a local small store will give you much better attention and even some real honest to goodness advice on what would be the best item for your needs. While there, you’ll probably bump into a neighbor and have a nice chat. The person at the checkout will remember you and ask how the kids are doing. Great stuff. And guess what, if you really study the price, you would see that it isn’t much different.

So please take a chance on us small guys. Down deep our goal is to take care of you and to stay in business for the long haul. If you let us fall, all that will be left are these big guys, their stockholders and quarterly earnings reports, who will be seeking more and more efficient ways to have you fuel spiral.
This commercial caught my eye-I love the message and my local Ace Hardware Store.