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Experience professional grade home technology solutions.  No need to juggle multiple apps! We provide single app solutions customized to your preferences to control music, TV’s, lighting, shades, climate, surveillance, entry locks and more. Home or away, it is simple to control all your technology from one app.

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The foundation of connected homes begins with a secure, reliable network, professionally configured to support all internet based functionality and optimal WiFi coverage throughout all areas of your home.

DC Home Systems provide pro grade networks to support all of your home automation systems, TV and music streaming services, on-line gaming, WiFi and secure connectivity to remote work and learning.

Our robust network also provides remote access to essential security systems including  surveillance cameras, door locks, thermostats, lighting and shades from a single app on your smart device.


Dedicated home cinema designed by the award winning team at DC Home Systems.  Immersive audio and video combined with luxurious seating and lighting complete your cinema experience.

Enjoy your entertainment in a media room, living room, patio and/or your cozy bedroom.

To preserve the aesthetic of your home we eliminate A/V clutter by providing single multi function remote control, in wall wiring.  Cable boxes, AppleTVs, amplifiers and receivers  are out of sight in an equipment rack in a closet or mech room.


We take your whole home music experience, whether Sonos or another system, to the next level. Distributed music allows everyone in your family to to separately control their music source, volume and location.

Speakers are concealed in your ceilings or walls. Equipment is assembled in a rack in your basement or closet and all wires are hidden in the walls.


Interior and exterior lighting control is customized to align with your aesthetic, daily schedule, activity and the season.

Energy efficiency and safety are optimized through occupancy settings and lighting schedules. Whether you are home or away, control your lighting from the same app you use to monitor your cameras, lock or unlock your doors, set your thermostat or adjust your shades.


Motorized shading systems simplify your control of light and privacy in your home. Customized preset schedules will raise or lower your shades to control the temperature, provide privacy and even protect your flooring, carpets and upholstery during peak daylight hours.

Whether you are home or away, you can control your drapes and shades from the same app that controls all of your home automation systems.


Mobile access to surveillance cameras, thermostat control, smoke alerts and remote entry provide security and peace of mind.  Your safety is enhanced with our total door and gate entry systems with options such as video and intercom from your app or touch panel.

Customized preset schedules automate your temperature set point based on occupancy, the time of day and the season

You can use the same single app to control and access your surveillance, safety, climate and all of your other integrated home systems.

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