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Ensuring your home is the most comfortable, safe, welcoming and easy place to be.

Home control system Integration is a comprehensive, systems approach to the electronics infrastructure of your valued home.

Systems: Since 1980, DC Home Systems has been on the leading edge, providing home enhancing technologies including :

  • Whole House Audio: music throughout your home all controlled by the touch of a keypad or swipe on your mobile device.
  • Video Systems: From home theater and media rooms to wall mounted flat panel TVs, your channels can be distributed throughout your home
  • Lighting Control:  Natural light from the outside and artificial light from fixtures can be adjusted to suit your mood, time of day and activities through home control systems 
  • Communications:  Optimize you ability to keep up with the world outside your home through high speed internet, local networking, cell phone boosting and intercom systems
  • Climate:  Control the temperature of your living space from anywhere in your home or from anywhere in the world world through easy to use mobile apps
  • Safety & Surveillance:  Lock or unlock your doors remotely and keep an eye on your home and property with surveillance cameras that are fully accessible through your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

Controls: Touch panel interfaces, mobile devices, remotes or wall mounted keypads which provide full access to the functionality of your music, video, lighting, communications,  climate and surveillance systems. Each system has unique, convenient, fun functionalities.

Integration: Tying individual systems together into a cohesive, compatible home electronics  control system which you will enjoy for the simplicity, convenience and ease of use.

Services: Proactive, responsive, ongoing attention to maintenance, service and upgrades to your integrated home automation and control system.


Control system for integrated automated home technologies