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Comfort, convenience and efficiency

Climate control works hand in hand with your lighting control system to deliver temperature control on your schedule

The combination of automated lighting and climate control systems are the perfect marriage. With motorized, programmable shades you harvest the daylight warmth or block the intense midday sun according to your preferences and the climate control fills in the gaps to heat or cool to your preference.

Here are some features you will love:

  • One simple, intuitive wall mounted touch panel controls your thermostat, lighting, music system and surveillance.
  • Your climate control system is programmed to your precise temperature requirements and can be controlled with the same mobile app that controls the other systems in your home.
  • The mobile control app also lets you adjust the climate control system  from a remote location for on demand adjustments.
  • Occupancy sensors, light sensors and motorized shades, blinds and curtains all work together with your climate control for complete efficiency and comfort.
Room with climate and light control