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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Whole House Music System

  In our last blog on whole house audio we covered exactly what you need to enjoy music in your smart home-a control system, a strong network, and an easy-to-use interface. This time around we’ll expand on the different ways you can listen to music in your Southern Maine home with a whole house music system. Continue reading to find out. SEE ALSO: 3 Must-haves of a Whole House Music System Purchase a Dolby Atmos-enabled Sound System for Your Home Theater There is nothing like experiencing your favorite movie with incredible sound. Sure you could use your [...]

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3 Must Haves of a Whole House Music System

If you live in the North Shore area, like Newburyport or Manchester-by-the-Sea, and love music then you’ll definitely benefit from a whole house music installation. There are many brands and systems on the market, but we are here to be your expert guide and showcase the best products available. Whether you want to only create a dedicated listening room or distribute audio throughout your entire property—even outside—DC Home Systems has a smart solution for you.

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Enjoy Outdoor Entertainment in the Seacoast with DC Home Systems

Add Speakers to Your Backyard for Spring and Summer Fun Now that Easter has sprung us into a warmer season, it’s time to start planning outdoor renovations for some fun. Bring out the lemonade, put on some sandals, and blast summer tunes by the pool. DC Home Systems is poised to help you get ready for outdoor activities with some expert recommendations and tips. Here are some of our best ideas on how to equip your patio with outdoor entertainment in the Seacoast, like Rye, New Castle, and North Hampton. […]

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