On any given Sunday there will be a flyer showing the latest sale prices on a TV. This past weekend I saw a 42” plasma on sale from Best Circuit for $475. Wow. Just five years ago a 42” plasma was nearly $5,000!

Now it would seem that the installation shouldn’t be much more right? I mean after all, it’s just a TV.

No, not really. Even a “simple” installation requires thought, planning and good supporting products. 

Let’s start with the TV. The one on sale is probably not all that great. It is there to catch your attention from a price perspective.  Even if you don’t hire a professional for installation, get the better TV. It will be worth it.

Next there are the cables, mounts and surge protectors.  Get good ones. It makes no sense to have a cheap mount that won’t secure the TV or cheap cables that can’t carry the HDMI signal properly. And surge protection, you bet. One nearby lightning strike can destroy your investment.

Then there other important items like having a small cavity behind the TV to store wiring, a great remote control to simplify your system, a conduit for future wire runs, and connectivity for Ethernet.

The advances in technology provide us with an incredible viewing experience, but the days of opening a box, placing the set on a coffee table and adjusting the bunny ears are long gone.